Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Sharing with positive thoughts and a Finish!!

Good Morning/Afternoon! 

I've been up early this morning, awakening to another idea of expanding on one of the "Sunday Morning" designs of mine into a band sampler and worked on it for about 2 hours. I love creating and using colors. I will share later on this expansion.

 Last night late, I finished Bent Creek's Land of Liberty  gifted to me by Karyn, Ma Teakettle, and as fickle as I can be, at midnight it was hard to decide whether to frame, or make into a hanging, or a pillow, or whatever......BUT here it is finished before the "finishing" which I will make a goal to do today.

And here is the fabric I got on a Boston trip last year.

I sold many cuts of fabric in my selling blog from this trip but held on to this piece and now I know why!!!
I plan to make a hanging for my kitchen.

And here is the small bird bath from Target, a place I could get lost in for hours. ;p
It's in the Smith and Hawkins section for the outdoorsy things.
I love this blue and the birds.

The base of it.

I still have to find a special spot outside for it.

Welcome newcomers! I absolutely love reading your comments!! I love give-a-ways mainly to share love around the world in some way and also to meet new people who share the passion of needlework!

Sunday is a day for reflections. I have recently started yoga and meditation. Alot of meditation, which if practiced is really helpful for stress reduction and making life a little more simplified.  Even when you close your eyes and go to that place in your mind that is the perfect spot, whether it be the beach, or the mountains (for me), hugging your kids (for me too), or whatever, at first many thoughts zoom through and at first can be a little distracting but soon I found that in doing this, the zooming thoughts of "things to do", etc. get less as I trained my mind to be still for just 10-15 minutes. It's really not a hokey thing to do! ;)

I am finishing a book that I wanted to share because it was so incredibly good. I spent longer reading it, in little bits and pieces, to savor each passage.

I have always known that stress is the root of most of our physical ailments and even though I try hard to use stress management techniques, there are days that my body lets me know it's too stressed.
This book, which I read in the Kindle edition, (my Gracie), is very uplifting. I happened upon it on Amazon and loaded it up. It's about 360 pages of very insightful messages.

The author is Joseph Murray, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Some important concepts from this book:
  1. Your subconscious mind never grows old. It's timeless, ageless, and endless.
  2. How to stay young in spirit forever--continue to think on good attributes for the mind and body
  3. If you fear aging or fight aging, you are in essence accelerating the process.
  4. Whatever you believe, and expect, your subconsious mind will bring to pass. Be careful what you think.
  5. Even though looking only forward to the future is desirable, it's also healthy to practice mindful meditation of positive thoughts in order to overcome the blueprint into the subconscious mind from the past. For some the blueprint is very imprinted with negative thoughts. This book helps to replace the old blueprint of subconsious negative thoughts with postive, peaceful ones that  the body remembers.
  6. The mind-body connection is real.
  7. Life is self-renewing
  8. Peace, love, joy, beauty, happiness, wisdom, good will, and understanding are qualities which never grow old or die.
One of my favorite quotes from this book (and there are many to read and reread) is:

The mind is the master weaver, the architect, the designer, and the sculptor.

I hope this Sunday is a good day of reflection as it is for me and remember

 As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Proverbs 23.7.

Best get to the roast chicken in the oven for dinner. I can smell the herbs and the chicken getting aquainted with each other in the oven.....YUM!

Till later,


  1. I love your BC finish and that fabric couldn't be any more perfect for it. Don't you just love when that happens?! :)

  2. I love the Land of Liberty "finish before the finishing"! The finishing fabric you selected is just perfect.
    You are such an enabler with your posts of Target finds! The last time you posted a Target lamp, I had to look in Target for it LOL
    Happy Sunday,

  3. That was a very inspirational post, Jennifer! I will make note of those as I think they are very applicable to me right now!

    The BC finish is cute!

  4. I dearly love your Blog, love to read it and love looking at all of your pretty photos in your Side Bar.

    You are so very talented.

    Happy Stitching

  5. Absolutely LOVE the precious birdbath!! Makes me sad that we don't have a Target here in Canada... or maybe that's a good thing! :^)

  6. Thanks for the info on the book. Looks interesting!

    Eager to see the finish of Land of Liberty.


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