Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thoughts for today

This year is going to be fun for the holidays! I am off work today so I had my checklist and glasses in hand to run some errands. I can't believe tomorrow is December 1st!

So, on the road to town by 1p and by 2p, reached Walmart to find just one little thing to add to our Christmas village. It's grown SOOOO much since 15 years ago when I started it. I love setting it up. Instead got several other things as our local Walmart had absolutely no village stuff. But, this was fine because I found 2 small Alpine trees, 1 is 3 foot and the other 2 to set up and hope to put some stitched ornies on them. I must get busy!!!!!!

This morning I spent the gray, drizzly day in bed with Pjs reading and answering emails. Then by the time I went to run errands, the Heaven's fell out with rain and tornado warnings were in place... Me?   I just spent more time in Walmart, looking at all the Christmas decorations and strolling through the home and garden section, planning to change a few things in one of our bathrooms.  Paint????  yep, got a bucket of dark brown paint for some small cabinets for a bath, although on another rainy day! ;)

Pizza for dinner in our countertop oven, and changing from wet drenched clothes from the storms to flannels with snowflakes.
The temps are unusually warm but wet, very wet. I stayed in Walmart 2 hours because I didn't have a boat to get to the car. Everyone was stuck in there, so I guess we all did our part in stimulating the economy!

When I got home, Miss Abbie had gone to the closet and pulled out one of Body Guard's Tshirts in the laundry basket to make her a little bed from the storm,  I presume. Luckily, she didn't chew anything else up in there! She is nicely comfortable now after having some hamburger with mustard and pickles. She really likes pickles.

Well, best get back busy pulling out a few Christmas things for around the house and cleaning out bathrooms (Joy!). A little at the time. So, glad last year we organized our Christmas stuff so it's easier to find.

Hope your day went well too.  Till later,


  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Very cold here, little snow now and then in the air, going down into the twenties tonight. I love the picture of your house in the snow. Walmarts is probably glad it rained so hard.

  2. Thanks!

    Yes I bet it's very cold there...brrrr.. 20's....we will probably get that in a month or so.
    Thank you, that pic was taken this past Winter and it's a side view, I think hubbie took.


  3. Glad you made it home safe through the storms!! I can picture little Abbie all hunkered down.

  4. It is fun to read everyone's blog getting ready for Christmas. I decorated our living room tree today and the bedroom tree yesterday...tomorrow I'd like the hubby to help with the outside...we don't put out much, but our adjoining neighbors (in their 80's) love it. the picture of your house is so beautiful.

  5. Sounds like a busy and eventful day! I really love the photo in your header of your home! That may be the one thing about winters up north I miss - the beauty of the snow as it is falling. The cold temps can stay away, but I do enjoy watching a good snowfall. So peaceful and serene...

  6. What a beautiful pic of your home! I surely don't miss shoveling the stuff, (I'm a Florida girl now!), but I do miss making snow angels!
    Stay safe in the crazy weather - and enjoy the holiday season to it's fullest! :)

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas Village. :)


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