Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miss Abigail says Good morning to you!

Hi, it's Abbie here again! Just want to tell you that you make my mommie smile when she reads all your comments.

  My mom dresses me up in these silly dresses. She bathed, dried and fluffed my hair. I'm definitely a bit different than last year at this time when I came home to this place. My Santa list is growing each day! I wore this same dress last year but grew alot longer.
At full grown now, except all the hair, I'm 4 lbs even! That's what my old doc said last time I went to that dreadful place they call  "the vet".

I love to take naps on Sundays, or any day as far as that matters, on the big quilt and by the fireplace where it's warm and cozy. I really prefer laps of any kind but sometimes my mom and dad are reading and on the computer and my mom stitches too.

I got out my leg warmers and scarf today as the weather is getting downright bRRRRR!

This year I fit in them much better!

Last year I went on my first trip at Christmas. I like going on trips!

I can't believe how much I sprouted hair this year! Goodness!

But, my mom and dad love it, they call me "cute and spoiled".

Last year, I was a cute little buger and played with stinky socks.

This year, my mom, and my Uncle Paul and Aunt Noi, and Aunt Parsley have given me lots of toys for my toy basket to play with.

Last Christmas, my mom put out her old angels that she said her favorite grandma gave her. Her name was Grace. She likes that name. Anyways, she put them out around Ren's tree in front of Brandon's pic to keep him safe.

 I miss Ren, and she does too but we know he is in a better place right now and this Christmas will still be in our hearts, always.

My mom puts out a separate tree for Ren every year and last year, we shared it. It's time to get it back out again!!!! My Santa list is pretty simple:

more treats
and lots of hugs and kisses
more toys to fill my basket

Here is a mat my mom stitched last year. Miss  Tanya at The Sampler Girl, one of her favorite designers, designed this and it's the candle mat we will use to remember Ren this year during the holidays.

Aunt Parsley gave Ren this sweater last Christmas and he loved it!

I have many sweaters too and don't mind too much wearing them.

My mom stitched this into an ornie for the tree last year, design is by Miss Tanya.
She loves it because it looks like my brother Thomas who is forever chasing squirrels up trees outside but is sweet too.

Well, I changed quite a bit from 1 lb to 4 this year, now all full-grown and happy.

Well, I'm just a happy camper on this quilt by the fire and this morning just wanted to let you know that my mom ordered her Christmas giveaway late last night and she will be telling you about it later. You will like it!!

She also is designing a series of samplers just for me! Isn't that cool?

I feel another nap coming on now, so I will be nodding off soon.

And remember that I love ya morenmytreats!


  1. Thanks, Miss Abbie, for sharing your day with us, and your memories, too. It was really sweet the way you included pictures to show us just what you were talking about. Enjoy your nap - you just about convinced me that I should go take one, too!

  2. Miss Abbie it's great to hear from you and I agree it's getting col in these Georgia Mountains. I think it's too early this year so it might be a bad winter but you stay snuggie warm in your sweaters. Do you think my kitties would wear a sweater like yours?

  3. Love Miss Abbie!!!

    You have sure grown and gotten beautiful as ever!

  4. This was like a little scrapbook of precious memories.

    I teared up when I saw Ren. I never met him but he held space in my heart.

    Actually...I have a little surprise I'm sending to Abbie this week. I've been waiting until after Thanksgiving and now...I can mail it.

    Have a great week.

  5. What a sweetie! You sure have grown!! Hope you get everything on your Santa list!

  6. Fun visiting with you today.....

  7. So cute you are, Miss Abbie! OMG! Tell your mother thanks for commenting on my blog. I have to look through her blog now. lol!

  8. Oh Abbie, you are just too cute.
    Love your pink scarf! Pink is definitely your color. :)
    My you have grown a lot in the past year. It's nice that your Mommie puts out rememberances for Ren.

  9. You're VERY cute, Miss Abbie! I very much enjoyed listening to you chat :-)

  10. What a cutie that lil peach is! I loved the pic of Ren :) Sending hugs and kisses, Peaches, from your dear friend....Ma TK

  11. Miss Abbie is a cutie with or without her sweaters or leg warmers! I'm sorry to read about your eye problems, but glad you have caught it before it progresses more. I'll be sending good thoughts for your appointments etc that all goes smoothly and easily.

  12. Miss Abby: you are so lucky to habe such a wonderful family, I think your mother is totally in love with you.
    I love your sweater.

  13. Dear Miss Abbie,
    You are adorable! Santa will have to bring you lots of presents this year and then you will have to model them for us! I miss little Ren too, and I think it is wonderful that your mommie puts up a tree for Ren. Now, remember when Santa comes down the chimney, don't bite! He comes bearing goodies! :)

  14. Awww. What a cutie!! Just look at that face :)


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