Friday, December 3, 2010

Progress on Forever Hope and other new starts

Christmas this year is keeping it simple. Very simple. Welcome newbies!!!!!!!  I love reading your comments and wished I could make all those wishes come true for you at Christmas. Rest assured I will be praying for each and every one of you. Thanks for spreading the word about the give-away. The more, the merrier, right?  These items are on order and just got a note that there is a slight delay so this may not get out as soon as I wished after the drawing. I tried to put a rush on it. Will see what happens, but anyway, there are lots of things to stash from this Santa to you.   ;)

Giving is the best part of the season for me, always has been, always will. Those that know me best, know this. It puts joy in  my heart to put a smile on your face!

Well, getting out the Christmas decor little bits at the time this week. What doesn't go up by Sunday probably will not as my work schedule is busy. No complaints though here as I am thankful for a job.

Since I got this:

stitching has slowed a bit. I've designed more than I've stitched and there are only so many fingers to stitch up all in my stash and what my mind creates to paper.
However, remember this one Forever Hope 1819?
Here's my last progress pics:

and now a few more stitches to this:

working on the house. You know building a house is more than I thought imaginable!  :)

Then, I designed a little one in memory of my deceased maternal grandmother, Grace.
Her birthday would have been this week. She passed away when I was only 8 but had probably the best positive influence in my life than any other family member. She was one of a kind and miss her alot. She left her rings and watch to me and when I wear them, I feel more courage and strength remembering her, that she is a part of me and loved me alot. She was assertive yet not aggressive. She was graceful, just as her name. She had much class and would give a helping hand to whoever she could while taking good care of herself. She was exactly everything her name stood for.

So, I started stitching this little pillow keep last night:

using Weeks Dye Works Ocean and Pecan as fibers.

Stay tuned for other virtues in rememberance to her.

I wanted to also show you what I found in a thrift store about 3 weeks ago.

The frame is about 6 x 8 and it's old.....OLD. I got it for 2.00!
It's actually in good condition for it's age and I was doing a happy dance in the box outside that it was put in as junk.

 I love junkin' it. ;)

Take a look-see.

The front has a picture like this:

and it looks like an opera scene.

The back looks like this:

It has an old wire hanging and the paper backing is very fragile. I will remove all of this to use for a frame for a stitching finish but before I do look at these:

Handwritten on the back,

and then this stamp in the middle as if it was a Christmas gift to someone.


Have you ever seen a stamp like this one? Any stamp collectors?

So far I don't know what I will frame with it but the picture will be removed along with the backing.
If only the paper could talk about the gift and the heart of the giver and the receiver, the meaning, the time of year, and where it hung special in the home. Oh, how I wonder.

Well, I'm fixing to head over to get my Kindle and put it on the read-to feature for the rest of the book I'm reading. I'm 75% finished. I've got so many more to read/listen to!

Abbie sends her love too.

She says, "kissie,kissie"

Till later,
stay warm


  1. Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Am waiting expectantly to see the entire Forever Hope design. And the one for your 'Grace' is looking good too! But--that frame!! gorgeous!! Have a good weekend! Hugs.

  2. What a beautiful old frame! It will be lovely with your stitching in it. Do you think that the little "stamp" might be something similar to today's Christmas Seals? The stamp is for the Red Cross, so maybe it's like our Christmas Seals now. Just a guess!
    I love your blog!

  3. That frame and the backing on it were quite a find. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. We're decorating this weekend too!
    Forever Hope is really a fantastic piece. And I absolutely love that you are doing one in memory of your grandmother. A truly special piece it will be.

    Great frame - maybe you'll find something interesting tucked on the inside.

    Abbie looks adorable in her sweater!

  5. Jennifer I wanted to tell you the header of your home looks so peaceful ! Snow and all! Tell Abbie Kisses Kisses back... She is so cute !!!

  6. I love the Forever and Hope is going to look marvelous framed. Speaking of frames, that sure is a beauty. I am sure you will try to save the backing when/if you get to use it. What a history it has. And I am looking forward to seeing your new of course because I too am named Grace!

  7. The Sampler is coming along nicely Jennifer, as is the Grace design.
    What a cool frame you found!
    We will be putting up decorations today. We had our 1st snow last night. :)
    Give Abbie a pat on the head for me.

  8. Great progress on your designs! How nice that you're doing one in honor of your grandmother. It sounds like a young age to have lost a family member & to have such fond memories, but I was just telling my SIL about how much I adored my grandfather, who died when I was 7. As your grandmother was to you, my grandfather was the person in my life who made me feel incredibly special and adored. He loved me just because I was me, and I treasure that and his memory.

    That frame is such a treasure! As is, of course, Abbie. :) She looks so snuggly in her sweater.

  9. I love my Kindle and hope you enjoy yours half as much. It is so nice to travel with. It has brought me back to my love of reading. A love that escaped me when the kids were small and tugging at my time.

    The stamp and frame are really neat. I love 'junking' around and love to see the cool things people do with their finds.

  10. What a great find in the frame!
    Beautiful progress on your WIP's.

    I love the picture of your house in the header. Gorgeous scene!

  11. Jennifer,

    I just love reading your posts. That frame is fantastic. We have several old photos of my grandparents extended families in frames and I love reading the backs. Your progress is going well on Forever Hope and I can't wait to see your new tribute to your Grandma. I only new my maternal grandma and she was very, very special to me. She died when I was 23 and pregnant with my first child and I never got to tell her that I was expecting. I feel her near me frequently.

  12. Your design is coming along beautifully Jennifer. I think that you have a real talent for designing and I can't wait to see the finish.

    And quite a score on the frame. Don't you wish it could talk so that you could have the story of who it was that owned it?

  13. Lovely progress on your stitching! Have fun decorating for the holiday. We're doing that too this weekend.

  14. Hello Jennifer, I´m a newbie in your blog and I really enjoyed reading this post!
    That frame is lovely and a real treasure.

    Have a nice weekend!


  15. Your are moving right along on your sampler even though you are reading more! It is so great to see your tribute to your Grandmother. Wonder who that picture was given to and what the dates were for.

  16. Forever Hope looks beautiful, Jennifer. The floss you have chosen is very pretty!

    And what a find you have in that frame!

    I'm putting up our decs this weekend - jingle bells, jingle bells...


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