Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good news about the giveaway!

The items on order for the giveaway should be arriving next week. I was crossing my fingers as the Nordic Needle box of scissors was on backorder but good news is I'm extending the chance for giveaway until Dec 14th and on or about the 15th will draw a lucky winner of these beauties and I hope so much you enjoy them this year!!!

I've been so busy today that I literally just sat down from this morning at 6am.

I'm having trouble with my new progressive lens glasses and had to take them back to get different lens ordered for them today. Until then, my basket of readers are within reach.

I'm in one of those "cleaning moods" and have to take advantage of the sorting and donating, and cleaning, even silver and closets.....don't know what's got into me lately. But it's so much less stressful when I can actually find things...LOl

The high temp today was 30 degrees. I had a chance at lunch to run an errand and the car said 25 degrees at 1pm and the wind was blowing...........needless to say getting out the scarves and gloves tonight.

My day off this week is Thursday so I definitely want to finish up Miss Abbie's sampler and then back to work on several other WIPs I have STACKED in my basket(s).

I missed Frosty the Snowman tonight......oh, I love to watch that program every year. I'm sure it will be on again before Christmas. This was definitely a day that I could relate to Frosty. COLD!

Finished your shopping yet?

I am just starting here and there to pick up a few things. Planning a Christmas Eve Party as usual. I love the magic in the air on Christmas Eve, even as an adult. I like to make apple cider and bake cookies then. It's been kinda tradition that I choose to keep through all times.
 Skip the dinner that night, just munching on goodies. I'm fortunate this year to have the whole day off on Christmas Eve and it's  a Friday!!! YEAH!

I know there are alot of people not so much in the spirit of Christmas this year and I can relate to some degree but trying hard to stay positive and enjoy the season and of course, the real reason.
I also have to count out my Christmas jar and find a anonymous family that may need something extra special sitting on their doorstep Christmas morning. We started this tradition last year, after being inspired by the book, The Christmas Jar. It really helps the heart when we give to those who appreciate and need something special. That's the real spirit.

Well, here's to a nice, warm evening for you.

Stay safe,


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy day!

    I just love coming by your blog - you're so cheerful and always put everything in the right perspective.

    I hope you stay warm!!

    God bless you - Julie

  2. I can empathise with your cold day. When I got in my car at 10am to go off to college to take my last final, my car said 19 degrees.
    I missed Frosty this year too. I thought I would see if it show on any of the online programing available on the networks.

  3. Brrrrrr! 25 degrees? I miss the snow only at Christmas time.

    Christmas Eve at your house sounds very nice. Our family tradition includes going out to Olive Garden with the family and then coming home, reading Luke 2, and watching Christmas movies.

    But I do miss the Christmas Eves of my youth....we would go over to Grandma's house and have a buffet style feast, most of the adults would get intoxicated, Grandma would play on the organ, and then we would exchange gifts.

    We'd leave close to midnight and head off to mass. When we would get home Santa would have come and set up the wonderful gifts under the tree. It was awesome. My brother and I would play until we dropped from exhaustion! Great memories.

    Have a great week and drive safe :)

  4. Hope you enjoy the cleaning -
    I can't believe I missed Frosty - I didn't know it was on :(
    I guess I'll have to see if I can rent it - :)

    I can't resist a snowman !!

  5. Now that blogger is behaving I can catch up with yours. :) (Gotta go enter your giveaway!)

    I love that Christmas jar story. Maybe next year. This year finances are more than tight. :) I too am finding the Christmas spirit hard to come by but you are inspiring me. Since I am home today with a nasty cold I think I will go and start putting up the Christmas village. :) After I catch up on my blog reading that is. :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Please enter me in your give away. I love it.

    My e-mail address is mjharp718@hotmail.com

  7. Enlighten my on The Christmas Jar. I don't know this story. Your house is beautifully lighted and decorated. Thanks for sharing pics the other day. Try to stay warm in N GA. It is cold here in NE SC also!

    Happy Stitching!

  8. Please forgive my stupidity, but where do I sign up for the giveaway?


    Lisa N.



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