Monday, December 6, 2010

The Weekend of Christmas Spirit scattered through the house

What a productive weekend!  So happy we put out our Christmas goodies. We arranged them differently and this year, I didn't put the village out.......yet. I'm sure I will have to as I haven't missed one year in 15 years to do that.

Well, many of the Sampler Girl designs from last year peaked out to be placed around. And then there's Abbie, peaking through at times during her many naps in her Christmas pompom dress to keep the spirit light.

This elf is TIRED. Heading for bed for the workweek.

Hope your Monday is fully of brightness!


  1. Pretty pretty! I love your house. xx

  2. Lovely Christmas pictures...Abby too.

  3. Oh Jennifer you have a lovely home!! Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your Christmas spirit.
    I think we have decided not to put our tree out this year. Such a bunch of humbugs...we are!

  4. Jennifer, your decorations are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. Jennifer,

    Your home always looks so cozy and inviting!! Love all your things!

  6. Very beautiful decorating, the one decoration I really like the most I Miss Abbie herself.
    Merry Christmas

  7. Your home looks beautiful Jennifer in preparation for Christmas ! So cozy and pretty . Abby is so cute. All the best !

  8. Your home looks very festive and're all ready for Santa now!

  9. I love your home, it oozes love and warmth, just as you do, dear friend. Abby's dress it beyond adorable! And her Daddy is such a sweetie to pose with her.
    Hugs and kisses, Peaches
    Ma TK

  10. Beautiful pictures - especially your header picture - so lovely!

  11. Jennifer, Your house is gorgeous. What is that beautiful cross stitch piece with the Victorian man and woman skating?

  12. your blog is very beautiful !!!!

    marylin France

  13. How great thinks are looking around here lately!

    I love your banner pic of the homestead!

    Miss Abby's Christmas Morning is TDF! :D

    Wonderful giveaway, too! I'm sitting it out though b/c I've been blessed enough to win a quite a few lately!

  14. The house looks amazing Jennifer!!! Inspirational in fact... perhaps I should do better at my own home. ;)

  15. All your photos are lovely! The lighting is so nice.

  16. Oh my what gorgeous photos! Your house looks absolutely beautiful. Decorated to a tee.

    Love your little helper in her Christmas duds. :)

  17. Jennifer your house always looks

  18. Jennifer---that large Christmas sampler that you did is stunning---would you mind telling me the name of the designer? I've avoided getting into one of these but have to say this is the one I'd do. Any info would be appreciated.

  19. SUCH cosy pictures!!! Loved the tour.



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