Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Chocolates freebie

Halloween Chocolates sampler

Designed by Feathers in the Nest

copyright 2010

There's nothing better than chocolates on Halloween......well, except candy corn!

Here's a little one to stitch on any kind of fabric, maybe as a pinkeep for the chocolates basket.

I suggest any vintagey fabric which will contrast with the deep and lighter brown colors.

Suggested colors are:

the pumpkin.......WDW Pumpkin

the heart symbol and green .......................WDW Kudzu

the darker chocolate colors..........GA Dark Chocolate

the lighter chocolate color.......GA Fudge Ripple

Hope you enjoy!

If you stitch, please reference Feathers in the Nest, as well as keep the chart as close to the design as possible so that it will respresent my work.

Thanks so much for your understanding and now go and stock those candy baskets and get ready for some trick or treaters. I miss that so much. We haven't had one since we moved to the boonies but before at my old house, we had the most in town!


  1. Thanks for the pattern! I will be watching to see how your sampler for abuse turns out.

  2. Thanks Jennifer! What will the final size be?

  3. that is lovely thank you for sharing

  4. Parsley on 30-32 count it would be about 2 x 2 inches.

  5. Okay..sounds good. about a candy corn one? I love that too!

  6. Oh, it's cute.
    Thanks Jennifer!


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