Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Honor accepted today to stitch for DV awareness event in Australia November 23

Where did September fly?  I looked at the calender to see October 1 tomorrow and gasped. My goodness how it's flown by!

I have haulted work on 2 other samplers to stitch a design I finished last week for October's Domestic Violence Awareness month. In the US, we bring this awareness in October. For Australia, November is the month and white is the color, as contrast to US, purple.

Today I accepted an honor invitation to stitch and frame my own design for DV awareness I named Forever Hope 1819. I must get busy on it because I have to mail to Australia for a DV coalition awareness day on November 23rd. The sampler I designed is on a subject that is close to my heart......stilll and will forever be as a  women's advocate. (I know there are men who are in the same position and I do not mean to stereotype here, but there are many more women across the world so for simplicity will refer to women).

My finished sampler will be on display, along with survivor history and brief commentary, Feathers in the Nest and words of hope for 1 of 3 women world-wide in their lifetime who will be a victim at some point in their lives.

I really, really feel honored for such a request and do so appreciate it. I hope to share with you steps of the way.

First step is collecting my basic colors and I have spent the afternoon choosing the fabric. Here is the pallette:

Now for a fabric choice that would show the lighter gold as well as complement the purple shades.

Any suggestions?


  1. Beautiful rich colours Jennifer and fantastic choices for such a worthy cause. I look forward to following your progress!

  2. Congratulations Jennifer!! What an honor!! I am so looking forward to seeing this piece. Hopefully you'll be able to give us sneek peeks as you work on this piece.

  3. Oh, the colors are beautiful!
    They look like Fall to me.
    I like the shade of fabric that they are laying on, it's neutral, nice.
    Congrats on being selected for the project.

  4. No suggestions on fabric, just wanted to say what a fabulous cause. I'm looking forward to your progress.

  5. I really like the colors you choose. I can't wait to see the finished project.

  6. With those colors threads , the design will be beautiful!
    Happy weekend

  7. Congratulations and I love all your beautiful colors!


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