Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday is not thrifty nor is it during the day....

Music has come a long way..........

Yep, I'm IPHONE crazy now, in the honeymoon phase of playing with the IPOD part. I also have used the calender to assist with all the crazy changes in site change in the next month so I want show up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I added the apps for Facebook and Twitter and played with that. Played 350 songs over 5 hours and reminensced, cried at some and just felt better.

 I believe music is the direct hot sync to your soul....or it is mine. I LOVE MUSIC!

Can't believe I took this long to learn I tunes and IPOD ing. I want to take it to work and play songs now.

I stitched a few in the car at lunch for 30 minutes. The weather was beautiful then but about the time I left a huge rainstorm set in and it is raining on our tin roof. Cool enough to make a fire tonight in the fireplace and sit and try to learn all this knew technology.

I feel a twing of guilt for getting such toys but even though not thrifty, they sure are soul soothers and useful for people on the go.

I am very pleased with the Sony docking station from Walmart too. Sounds almost like a Bose. I know I will get every penny of enjoyment out of it while stitching, reading and cooking.

Abbie and me jammed at alot of songs I had in my old laptop I had forgot about through Lime wire. I was surprised it synced to the phone. I guess the funniest was
"My Give a Damn is Busted". That made it a party then.  LOL

Seriously, I paid on Itunes for 2 albums, one is a Violin concerto for 1 hour and it is something else soothing.
Then I picked out some old rock and 1 alternative to add and with the Limewire I have 350 + songs on my phone.

Gosh it will help me not have to load around a calender, papers, adresses, and keep me in touch with all you beautiful people out in Blogland.

Hope your Wed. went well. I think at 2am, I should hit the sack.

Lately I am having these continuing dreams of zooming around the globe....really strange. No telling what tonight will bring.



  1. I find music soothing, uplifting, relaxing and invigorating- althuogh not all at the same time!

    I love putting on some music and just pottering around...

    One of the 'international' regularly-occuring dreams I have is that I'm on a train in the US and when the train stops I get off to find the most fantabulous stitchy shop...

  2. Hey Jennifer. I got brave and posted my Fall Mum project. What do you think???


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