Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twisted Tuesday

In the rush of life, and trying to find the time to go outside the survival mode, I'm looking about like Abbie right now.

 She was found here last night when she thought she could go up the stairs evidently. She looked up and down and then at me, like, "well?  hep me hep me!"

and again

This is not Uncle Paul's house, Abbie!  Yep, this is steeper stairs with no carpet and it's tough when caught in the middle.

She and I are thinking alike this week many times.

She has been all the way up to stair 15 but can't go back down them.
So another gate is in order soon as she would get hurt falling down these.

Once she was found in the guest bedroom under the bed----upstairs. She expects treatment as a house guest!

And so goes my progress with this sampler from the Sampler Girl. Going Away with Jane Austen.

Almost there. The crown I changed color to CC Sassy Brass that I had on hand.

I will have to say this has been carried with me alot this week and not able to put any stitches in it till today. After work, went to the nail salon to get my toesies done and I honestly took the folder organizer in my tote. A first for me to take into a nail salon-- cross stitching in a vibrating, massaging chair. All the girls ran over to see my progress, one by one.

I don't think they understood me when I tried to tell them that cross stitching is a sanity saver.
I popped it out of my Qsnap frame to show them and they were so interested that I almost started a stitching group, right there, with polish on toes, separated by bright yellow flipflops. They even were wanting me to show them my stitching folder/tote where the colors were and so I did and they smiled, giggled and said things that I probably am glad I didn't understand.....LOL

They didn't ask me what "dalla" it was, I thought that was coming next but my feet were so appreciative of the luxury of feet grooming.

Also floss colors came very quickly in the mail. It's amazing how fast they came in the mail!

Abbie says she likes her new fall colors with plum. Did I tell you she HAD to have this fleece hoodie?
The weather is a bit cooler for her at night and she loves it!

I splurged with one of the purple colors by CC Belle Soie Empress

It as soft as buttah

When I get finished with Going Away with Jane, I'm going to dig into a Domestic Violence awareness sampler with some of these purple colors.

In order to get this and work and maintain health and sanity........I have to frequently give her a favorite chewie as she has lost 2 more baby teeth and chewing her "dingie wingies" pretty steadily. But, better that than my stash. patterns. She did officially eat part of a Sampler Girl pattern before and now that she is teething........well.........had to get more chewies today.

And I got my Kindle today!!!!!!!  I so hope the read-to feature is working well. I'm behind on my stitching and my love to read has taken the lead lately. With this, maybe I can listen to audio books!!!!!!!

Just taking one step at a time. I may be going in this direction.

or this direction

But whatever every day's direction is, I hope it's 2 steps forward and 1 step back instead of the reverse.
So much change right now, sleeping very little, but I'm glad to have the Kindle with me to read or listen-to.

Hope your heading into mid-week is going well.

So, where is the oddest place YOU have stitched before?

a nail salon? (I don't recommend it in the vibrating chair)  ;)


  1. I think we can learn something from being caught in the middle of the stair case in life...

    I tried to stitch while riding in the truck on vacation...NOPE...can't see those tiny holes when it's bumpy!

  2. An airplane. It was so cramped that I gave up- I've gone back to reading & watching movies to pass the time!

  3. I have stitched on a school bench during cross country practice and I do a lot of stitching in the car (either as passenger or while parked and waiting).

  4. Hey Jennifer,
    Love the new colors and your current WIP. I'm not really a big fan of purple shades but I have to admit those do look so beautiful! Your little Abby is such a cutie, especially with her new fleece. It's quickly getting to be that time of year.
    Please take care of yourself...I think of you often!

  5. I think we all sometimes feel like Abbie. Stuck in the middle that is. I hope you enjoy your Kindle. Mine was a BIG surprise Christmas present a few years ago. Such a surprise since I had no idea what is was even after I opened it. It has taken me back to my love of reading. I know I have read more books in the last 2 years than the last 20. It is great for the treadmill, great to travel with, etc. I haven't tried the audio feature yet. Enjoy!

  6. Nothing worse that steep stairs without carpet, no traction at all. I must say the strangest place I have ever stitch did not vibrate AT ALL in fact not much was moving period and it was somewhat chilly with many doors and lots of toe tags.
    Be always in stitches.

  7. Gosh, I hope you get some good sleep soon! Your body needs it! But you know that! Oddest place is in the car, as a passenger. When I mention this to stitching friends, they gasp because we are in motion and ... But I can and do stitch while my hubby drives. It makes the trip much more enjoyable. Hugs.

  8. I also know the caught in the middle feeling.... Poor Abbie.

    I love her new hoodie.

    Your stitching is looking beautiful as always... I just LOVE the new fibers... DROOOOOOOLLLL!

    I also so know the pet chew patterns thing as my cat/dog (cat still does not know what it is) loves to chew paper. Actually, had to have older daughter go to school one day and say the cat tried to eat her homework. Luckily for her the teacher believed her.

    Hope you have an awesome day today!

  9. Those pictures of Abbie are adorable! Hopefully she will learn how to handle those stairs.

    Your WIP is looking great!!!

  10. Oh wow is Abbie ever cute. You stitching is a dream and I got my Kindle yesterday too!!! YAY US!!! Now I can read again in comfort and you can listen if you want to.
    Lots of Love
    Patti xxx

  11. What a wonderful, refreshing break it has been to read thru your post, absorb the beautiful pictures and colors. thank you.
    PS. interested in how the Kindle is for books on tape---I listen all the time while I stitch but the library is limited and I'd buy one if you give it heads up.

  12. I love those pics of Abbey and I sure can relate....should I go up or down confused look. Hmm...strangest place I stitched would have to be sitting in a very cold automotive plant in China earlier this year. Cold, Dirty and balanced on a shipping crate while DH conducted business.


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