Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Memorial Day

Made some progress on Mothers Prayers sampler

Cooked pork chops with lime pepper, green beans, and a special bread and baked potatoes for supper.
While Miss Abbie flounced around in her sundress, even though it poured rain most of the day.
She was ultimately happy playing with her new Rainbow toy on the cleaned back porch and strutted around and barked like she was one of the big dogs.
I think she is getting spoiled, I'm not sure, but I think.

Poor Ren is not doing well at all. We are hanging in there day by day with him. I just handfed him a piece of bread for a snack when he woke and he is all bones now. It's heartbreaking. I have to change and make sure he has a little t-shirt on because his little backbone is sticking out and looks like his skin is trying to break down.
But he still loves to eat if you handfeed him because he is totally blind, but definitely has dementia.
We pray he goes peacefully in his sleep when the time comes.

Didn't hear from the kids or the parents. I hope they are happy because when they are happy, I'm happy.

I'm ready to meet June 1st in the morning when I wake. I've got a couple of birthdays to plan for.
And I love planning birthday presents.


  1. I love your sampler about "Mother.." :] And, you know what? Only my daughter, and none of my sons called me over Memorial Day, either...so don't feel alone. I said on facebook that I miss them, and I do!!! I guess we moms are doomed to that end.
    So sorry about your poor, precious little dog. How very sad for all of you. I'm praying he goes quietly in his sleep, too. Our little creatures give us such loving care and unconditional love, don't they? Don't know if you know it, but my very best friend died 3 or so weeks ago after a long battle with lung cancer, and she left me her dearest love...her little toy poodle, Larry. He was a constant and faithful little companion to her; never left her side. And, now he comforts and "tends" to me. He's a blessing.
    Sending you happy thoughts and thanks that you contacted me on facebook. Hugs

  2. Love her little dress!

    Poor Ren. I'm going to just pray for the little feller and hope he drifts off to sleep to awake in heaven where there will be a full coat of hair and food waiting for him.

  3. The sampler is very pretty.
    I do hope that poor Ren gets some relief soon.


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