Monday, May 31, 2010

Sneak peak at the start of Mother's Prayers

Started Mother's Prayers by The Sampler Girl last night and love it. I am stitching on 32 ct natural antique white linen and using 2 DMC colors. When I first started the entire first line, I stitched in the wrong color so I frogged that out and back on track now.
I could have gotten a better picture of the vivid colors if I took it out of my stand but right now it's resting nice and cozy and calling me to work on again this morning.

I hardly ever stitch one pattern more than once but this one definitely will be stitched more than once. I can think of one friend of mine who I met whose son is in the military too and she would love this.
We were friends during Brandon's deployment.
Hope you enjoy your Memorial Day!

We have had heavy rains on our tin roof all night and last night in the evening, stretched out on the back porch where you could really here the rain on the roof. It's thundering now and raining again but lighter.
Makes good stay-in weather for me.
Miss Abbie is getting a little spoiled on these long weekends off. She has now taken to being a lap dog all the time, and even through me stitching, she snoozes under the stitching frame. So far she has not even tried to eat any more stitching patterns....LOL
Till later~~~~

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  1. Lovely stitching!

    We have been getting evening showers/storms down our way as well. It must be that time of year again! Oh wait, there's still 1 more day! LOL


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