Friday, June 4, 2010


Today I~~~~
  • saw another thunderstorm, fiercely hanging over the mountains in the distance, late evening tonight
  • saw many black and white cows in a pasture huddling together by the trees--smart cows, lightning near
  • tried to solve many problems that were .......sometimes solvable, and sometimes not.... by me
  • answered a letter to another army mom
  • worked through lunch, ate a candy bar and a vitamin instead
  • drove the short way home and got "take-out" for supper
  • thanked God it was Friday
  • sat on our back porch and thought about many things after the day
  • watched BG cut flowers outside, and put them in a vase to cheer me up--prettier than any florist could do
  • wondered what color blue in Crescent Colors would my flowers be named?
  • completely frustrated because the electrician did not "show up"
  • realized not everybody will like me in my lifetime (a revelation I've wrestled with for awhile) There...I said felt good!  I'm just me.
  • realized I may not like everybody either but I will try to love them
  • realized too many rainy days leads to too much introspection for me.......way too much
  • on a spontaneous decision, Body Guard and I went to an empty 200 year tiny church in the country and the door was unlocked, open for free walk-in. We walked in it for the first time and felt the presence of many emotions all at once and had a very peaceful feeling in the quiet.
  • took the long way home
  • ate an Oreo blizzard for dessert
  • had to stop on a main highway near our house to wait for an entire family of geese to cross it. Mama, Papa, and 3 babies.....very cute......wished I had my camera!
  • realized I haven't cleaned up one poop accident on the floor today!!! YIPPEE!
  • saw someone with striped color Bell Soie Raspberry silk
  • Drove by a Strawberry sign by the side of the road and remembered that exactly 22 years ago this month I was quite bloated, pregnant, bare-foot, bed-ridden, and ate every strawberry in sight!
  • Followed by a giddy laugh, that she has a "strawberry spot" on her neck in the hairline.......probably caused by too many strawberries......NOT!  but funny anyway......
  • Decided I ramble too much and probably just lost a hundred readers through this post but decided life is not a marathon of one thing, but a complex bundle of sometimes just......stuff

Got a busy Saturday planned. Hope you have a great evening!


  1. Your mind was busy today. Have a great day tomorrow.

  2. Great post. I laugh at the strawberry post because My mom craved lobster through out her pregnancy, she couldnt afford it, thankfully becasue my aunt told her that eating to much would result in a lobster shaped birthmark on the baby to be, me LOL Wives tales are funny things.But I think she must have settled for strawberries because I have a slight one on my arm.

  3. Wow, what a scary event you had with the lightening! Glad everyone, both with fur and without are ok. I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your blog~hearing about your family, work, pets and seeing the projects that you are working on. I have a blog, but have not written or posted on it for a long time. I just can't do it, so I admire you :)! Have a wonderful and safe weekend to you and yours.

  4. Thank you for taking time out of our day to read all the stuff that flows through this journey. Love having friends who share great laughs and fun.

  5. Great post Jennifer! We have and need days like this!

  6. Hey Jennifer. You were up posting late huh?

    You mind sure had a lot going on. I see such strength in your thoughts today.

    Now...go enjoy your day with some lovely tea and stitchy stuff.

    Oh...what was the tea you love? I may want to try some if I go shopping next week.

  7. Love your thoughts about the day Jennifer. I don't think a lot of us take the time to reflect on all the things that we've seen during the day. From the cows to wondering what color floss the flowers would match.

    I craved watermelon when I was pregnant with my son - tons of watermelon. Found out later, after ordered to bed for three months, that watermelon contains a lot of salt. Guess what I couldn't eat any more!!

  8. Parsley,

    Funny, just got up late here and no coffee in the house so I'm right now waiting for Teavana tea to finish brewing in my cup.....luscious blend of lavender dreams, white pearls, and ??? forgot the other.
    It's time for more Teavana though. I heading to their website very soon!

  9. Sorry to hear about your latest troubles. I am sooooo glad you are ok after you bigggg scare. I will not lose me as a follower as I know how it is. Yes, we are who we are and they love us anyway. I try to get along with everyone in the world. But sometimes, somepeople just cannot get along with anyone. Don't think it is your fault if they are cranky. You are so lucky to have a BG who has a big heart. Love Love the hydrengas. Peace to you and yours.

  10. Came back to check...Yep, lavender dreams is on my list. I still have lots of jasmine oolong. Want some?

  11. Jasmine sounds delicious! I haven't tried that one....would love a little!
    Fixing my third cup of tea right now.....



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