Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful and Thrifty Thursday

Thankful and Thrifty Thursday

Say that about 3 times very fast!  

Your tongue will tie, I promise.  ;)

With the days longer now and the sun has returned after a down-pouring rain today, it's beautiful outside here. Cleaner looking and fresh. Quite a bit cooler too.

Unfortunately with the days being longer, I tend to stay up later if it gets darker at 8p instead of 6p and I"m out and about more in the daylight hours.

Yesterday I got some awesome thrifts at Target that I mentioned to show you. So, if you have one near, check it out in the dollar section up front.

I just have to do some hoeing when I get back (ok, minds out of the gutter!)

I will be planting these seeds one in each window sill of the workshop when we get back. Definitely will be wearing my snake proof boots out in the yard/woods as I've heard 2 people today say they have already seen snakes in their yards I guess because of the really warm spell all of a sudden.
Maybe the cool rain will run them back home.........whereever that is.

I also thought it was cool to see this mail from~~~~~~~

Yep, Heidi from The Netherlands and I swapped some overdyeds for this sampler she had by Beth Twist, Heartstring Samplery with Abigail's name in it.
Love it, Heidi!!!! (and your writing is so pretty and neat! I wish I could write neat again!)

Along with the thankful thought...... I swapped out on Ebay this chart, 'cause I'm quite patriotic and love samplers with flags!  A good deal with someone selling their cross stitch shop out.

This Mill Hill Bird Bell pull caught my eye as well. It was much heavier than I thought but it was a definite thrifty and thankful find for our nest.

Today I:

Ate Mexican food and Chinese food within a 6 hour period of time.

saw a man that BG and I estimated was at least 500 if not more pounds while we were eating. We suddenly were full and had to get a take out box.

Read Chinese fortune cookies and laughed.

Remembered my age when it rained. The joints can predict weather.

Heard about the same question all day from everybody "does my insurance cover that?" This is of course in my mind only, I'm thinking, like a lottery question (I dont' play the lottery) but  I digress........
Obamacare is only going to make this stituation   situation  blossom I'm sure.

Got taxes taken care of.  That's like another great relief too!

Walked through an antique store and just looked and remembered "oh, gosh, I remember that" and wondering where mine is right now.  Ok, I want to know where my plastic loom kits and Easy bake oven went to. :-)

Realized that if I went by the true definition of "Vintage" that I almost can say I'm vintage.

Made my written journal lists of things to do to include an eye exam when I get back as my collection (and I mean collection) of Walmart readers may not be getting it all the time now.

Plopped a conglomeration of stuff in the chair and on the kitchen island (our hot spot of clutter finders) which I feel I clean off constantly and things just keep getting piled up there!!!!  HELP!

Thankful that I"m almost finished with this piece so I can start another!

Labcoat, my journal and my stitching in arms from the travelers.

Thankful and Thrifty Thursday Travelers.

Thinking of my thankful and thrifty Thursday travelers........

Now say that 3 times again~~~~~~

alright, alright, I'll stop...........hey   Grey's Anatomy is on in just a few!

Till later,


  1. I just LOVE Target! I never leave there with nothing! Great new charts and I love the pic of your desk with the wonderful pin cushion! Very pretty!

  2. Great goodies from Target! My boys always like to pick something from the dollar spot!

    Thanks for showing all the great pics! Can you give us a new one of Abbie and Ren before you leave for Boston?


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