Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some housekeeping today

Just a note to let everyone know that if you make a comment, I'm still reading them but Google blogger is not putting them in. If it does, on the main page it will say 0. I can't deal right now with all the Blogger issues but tonight I may need someone who is so much smarter than me about html and blogging setup to help me. My issues I've been having are getting worse, weird things happening.

  1. comments can't be moderated
  2. suddenly my pic in profile doesn't show up anymore
  3. the header will not take any pic size
  4. some comments from October won't publish or reject and just pop up occasionally here and there?
That's just starters!  Please email me tonight at if you have experienced any of these things and know how to work templates over without losing data, and maybe some experience you have had with this so I can best communicate!! I have gone to the help section, cleaned out some old stuff, etc. and just not getting anywhere......

Till later,

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  1. Jennifer - I think that Blogger has been a real pain in the butt lately. I gave up trying to do things to my blog a couple days ago. Maybe they're going through some updating or something.


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