Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Picnic Weather~~wine and cheese, please!

I can say that this week has been quite productive at organizing a bit of stuff and finding things.....more than dust bunnies.

I almost listed this unused picnic gig I got about 5 years ago from a store going out of business and I was convinced after a day as bright and shiney as this one, that this is a keeper.

Even though it has a place setting for 4, that's fine by us, we always can find someone to come along or sometimes it might be fun just the two of us!

This thing is the mega of all picnic sets and why I bought it at the time I don't know.
I guess they were going out of business and it was a good deal.
But, now we can really enjoy it now.

It even has a silver wine topper (didn't get pic in )

Do you picnic?  I took this apart for the first time. Isn't it funny how we store away stuff and really don't enjoy it for quite some time later?
I love the little salt and pepper bottles which are glass not plastic and the wine glasses and the table cloth. There's enough insulated storage space for a 4 person buffet!

Ready for a picnic in your neck of the woods?  It's beautiful weather here.

After I get over my fear of snakes, I will plan out a nice picnic for us.
Isn't that silly?  Well, here we have alot of Copperheads and I'm totally afraid of them completely and last year I came about 5 inches from stepping on one with flip flops so yeppers, I'm ready for a picnic but maybe in the back of the truck or something!  LOL

Hope your Easter was a happy one!

I'm fixing to finally sit down and stitch and catch up on the news. 

Tomorrow though, back to work..........I digress.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your picnic basket. (I had to read it over twice because I thought at first you had gone on a picnic) When I read about the snakes, I realized you hadn't gone yet. The reason this is so funny to me is that I too have a picnic basket I have never used. Maybe now I will go and find it. Isn't it funny how we forget about or just don't use what we have when it could be fun? Thanks for reminding me about my picnic basket. We don't have snakes here so I'm ready to go!


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