Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Frenzies

Ya, remember that "talk to the hand" phase?  OH MY!  Meghan was queen of that in her teens.
"Talk to the hand 'cause the face don't want to hear it"  and next thing ya know you have a hand in your face.
Oh yes, with little ones, wait a few more years!  It gets even better when those hormones start changing.

Funny, funny now.
Funny to me now that I get to put my hand up and say the same. ROFLOL Seriously.

Yep, today was a day on a continual eliptical machine, kinda like a Grey's Anatomy atmosphere at work and without sharing specifics it was "quite challenging every 7 minutes for about 8 hours straight." . But it's over now and I can actually sit down after 11 hours and realize that I can't listen to one more story of dysfunction because I'm a product of that!   I have to laugh and wonder where are the normal people?????? LOL
And I'm thankful for no blood spattering in the face today. Or...well, I digress.....

Hey, there comes a point, I agree, that the hand needs to be put up there!

I decided it must be full-moon around here.

That's when the crazies come out to full blast and situations escalate to crazy eccentric.

What's nice is coming home and not having to even look at the news craziness to add on to it.
What's even nicer is knowing I tell the truth about things and that's because I have some morality left running through my veins.
What's even nicer is I have a good husband who listens and cares.

And who understands why we need to now turn away from the craziness and seek peace here at the homestead.

What makes me laugh till my sides hurt, is that people really think you believe their craziness and want to get drawn in their bubble world of "what the heck?" and that I'm crazy enough to believe their secrets and lies.
It's kinda funny and immature actually.
{{{still laughing hard}}}

Well, still to run another errand to strike off my list of things to do before our trip. The list is growing shorter too. I mean, half the list is all the doggie stuff to pack to the pet sitter.
Miss Abbie has her special Sweet potatoe wrapped chicken treats and Ren has his favorite of the week treat, Iams treat bones.
Abbies bed is clean and you have to see what came in today.........please know we are included in the crazy day here as I'm sure people think we are after this:

 See we are crazy too! 
A pink doggie stroller for Ms. Abbie came today. She has to get her fresh air!
She will now be able to go with us on walks and never have to get pulled on a leash or pant to keep us with us......not that her paws have ever hit the ground anyway OR been on a leash, no way!

You can see the seller, in Ebay that sells these if you have a little furbaby.

It's foldable and easy to pack along.
I'm excited to start our walking at night when we get back and see how Miss. Abbie likes it.
Gotta run,


  1. LOL I seen one of those strollers and I was thinking that would make an interesting trip when I have to walk the cat to the vet. (I walk when the van is not home- need to get another vehicle)

  2. I hear you Jennifer....I hear you loud and clear.

    On the happier subject, love the pink stroller. Snuffy is the one we'd have to roll along. She's got a bum knee.

  3. You had me laughing with this post! Oh my gosh - the stroller for Abbie is too funny - I had never seen such a thing, but I know she'll be sporting it well! Can't wait to see pics of her in it!

  4. Thank you for my laugh today. I lost my furbaby, Alex the puppy dog, on Wed. She was 15. I have been grieving more than I can believe over it. Seeing how loved your babies are, well, it does my heart good! And the stroller is too precious. My daughter would have loved to have had that back when Alex was younger. She was determined to make her into a full fledged baby girl.

  5. What a great post, thank you for the laugh!


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