Monday, January 11, 2010

Mel's Diner and the Flo Experience

Yes, my hubbie couldn't believe I took a pic of black ice tonight outside the car window.

Our Supper Experience

Sliding into Mel's Diner and here's to sliding out! LOL

This chicken had to have alot of estrogen to grow this big! Look at the size of it!

This is my chicken and dressing. It had that jelly like gravy.

We were hungry folks!

Remember Flo, the waitress on Mel's Diner? Yeppers, if you said yes, that makes you vintage!
Come on, 'fess up and oh, my......that was the 70's, wasn't it! Yes, Flo and Alice.

Ok, I thought I had a complete in 3-D experience of Mel's Diner tonight. It was fun actually!

Long Monday, no cooking in tonight led to this conversation on the Onstar phone....

Ring, ring......ring, ring........

me: HewwOH (I was just joking with him) I was jamming with the song "I Need a Lover That Won't Drive me Crazy" ......1980 something yearish. My song stopped. My flashback of my X driving me crazy in the 80's stopped. LOL

Body Guard: Hey, where are you?

me: I'm about half-way home, passing the cows who are shivering in the cold. Listening to the 80's satellite with Bon Jovi on high volume, where are you?

Body Guard: Hey, I found out that new restaurant in town, we should try it, wanta meet there? (He is always thinking about dinner, he thinks about dinner from 12 noon onward)

me: OK.

Body Guard: John says it has good food, just opened back up. We've never been there, let's try it. me: Oh. OK I'm always so agreeable.....NOT........heehehehee.

Onward I went and sat in the parking lot. I didn't know he was inside for a few minutes so I found my old camera in the car and fiddled around trying to take a picture of the pretty, pretty sunset but couldn't really get a good pic.

Finally figured out he was sitting in the restaurant all along.....DUH for me! LOL

So, I walk in and it looked just like Mel's Diner.......but they didn't want it that just was that way. The grease in the background floated in the "buffet".

I'm thinking, Oh Boy, where's my Pepsid......This will be a test to the belly. I looked around and there were very few people there.

We sat down and after the waitress figured out we needed a menu first, then she told us about the buffet, so we strolled through the line of zero people and we got the "meat and 2 vegetables" special". The meats were Chicken in grease, chicken with fried grease tenders, and chicken in gravy/grease with dressing. And the lady serving to us was Flo the waitress......talked just like her.......winked just like, just like her!

OMG! I'm listening to 70's and 80's music all the way home and then walk in to Mel's going to a movie in 3D.

My eyes went about 3 times as large as they usually are when she took a huge plate of Chicken and dressing and then I got green beans (I think) and fried okra. My lipid profile is not due this week, so what the heck right?

She smiled and winked at me like Flo, and called me Precious in a long Southern drawl, worse than me! BG laughed and laughed.

Flo said smiling and winking at me: Just 'cause you tiny don't mean you can't eat, Precious! (with a huge Southern drawl)

BG got........Fried Chicken and she plopped the biggest fried chicken breast I've ever seen on a plate and he always gets corn and potatoes no matter where we go, so that was easy. They didn't have corn but macaroni and cheese. All for 4.95 each. We both had food for 2 meals. Food for 4 doses of Pepsid AC, Immodium AD, etc.

All of a sudden I realized, hey, I"ve still got the old camera here so I thought I would share our plates of dinner at Mel's Diner tonight. BG even blew his nose hard out loud in the middle to complete the atmosphere..... and that is no joke at all! It sounded like a goose. Then, as I drove around the back of it, looked like I was in an alley in Philadelphia at midnight and saw they did have a drive-thru window (from previous restaurant owner) that had a piece of paper that had in hand writing on a drive up......"Our Drive Through Ain't Working". That really made me laugh! Only in the South.

I thought it was a fun experience! Hey, we had leftovers for Ren of course. He really liked the chicken. Hope his stomach can handle it tonight.

I got home and had 3 packages and so excited to share those with you...........
I promise my next post will be all the blessings from the mailman today!!!!!!

I will post that separately in a few............I'm just smacking my gum and winking at all ya'll and remembering Flow saying, "you can kiss my Greeeits" to Mel.

Till later,


  1. I sort of remember that show. I was a little one back then. Did your stomach swell up so much you popped a button? LOL

  2. Hey Jennifer. Loved the pictures. I live in Alabama about 20 miles from Ms Holiday's ( played Flo ) hometown. Thanks for the memories of Mel's Diner !!!

  3. Looks like good eats and lots of it too! Gotta love diners. I used to watch that show ... seems like ages ago ... wait! ... it was :)

    DH told me yesterday that we were married one year before the DVD was invented. Talk about old...LOL


  4. OMGoodness I just read your post to my DH and we are both laughing at the line"Just 'cause you tiny don't mean you can't eat, Precious! (with a huge Southern drawl)". LOL LOL

    Sometimes the eateries that scare you the most have the best food!!

    Thanks for the giggles.

  5. How funny! Yes, I remember Flo and her southern drawl. My dad always said my accent was about as drawn out as hers! lol.

  6. Loved your pictures Jennifer. I could feel my cholestral level increasing while I was looking at those pictures! I remember that show so that tells you how old I am (kind of)! Anyway, some places that look like dives or just different, can tend to have the best food.

  7. I haven't thought about Mel's Diner and Flo in a long time! We used to get such a kick from that show - especially since my Dad's name is Mel!
    I agree with Missy, sometimes the best eateries can be the scariest - especially when you haven't tried them before!
    Thanks for the memories!

  8. Your post did bring a smile to my face as I remembered that show and could hear Flo saying "kiss my Greets!" Thank you for that.

  9. Jennifer,
    Is this restaurant in Helen? Since
    I am a Georgian, also, we come that
    way every now and then. We might
    want to try it out!


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