Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Goodies and blessings

Last night after I downloaded those pics and wrote (which on the old computer takes an hour), I got distracted from posting my beautiful mail goodies I opened last night.....and could have kicked myself for not posting that first because they are so awesome. This morning.....I feel a little ......bloated.

Aaaabbbbiiiie! oh, Aaabbiiiieee! Please mute the news so we can show these pics to our friends. Gosh, speaking of bloated. They are still showing it. And he looks like he is jumping out at us in our living room. He's really saying, "Abbie, do you want a treat?" I believe she is going to be Democratic! No, Abbie, no.

Ok, I'm not going to get distracted today. I just won't.

This is the first goody in the mail.

Oh, my! Oh me! My book came in I ordered from the gift certificate from the Secret Santa. It's still bugging me to know who that is, but whoever, I thank you a million times over! This is Blackbird Designs' book, A Fine Collection. I just knew this book would be good. I loved the cover, never ever flipped through it and when I went through it last night, my heart was singing and I was oh, so excited at having this book! The designs in here are awesome. Beautiful, break-taking, and the design of the book is such that each month has a very good nice size piece or two to make.

I don't want to break any rules about taking pics of inside books, so I'll just give you a peek.
The month of February in corner of the calender....isn't it cute?
I just have to do this one one day.......Have too!

The next goody in the mail was this small sampler name
Coasting Day 1911 by The Sampler Girl. I ordered this and the piece of beautiful pink fabric when she had a sale. I love it! How am I going to stitch all these? This is a must too. I love the colors and hope I'm as lucky as she says on her webshop to go to Hancock Fabrics or HobbyLobby to find a frame so cute too.

My favorite color.
The next mail package was a really BIG surprise! This is from Sandy J in New Jersey. She sent me this wonderful, soft, oh, so soft........I can't tell you enough how soft.......neck warmer. Oh, Sandy, that is sooooooooo beautiful. How did you know I loved teal so much? Sandy, you shouldn't have.........but I'm loving it. :0
My hubbie saw it too and he thought it was beautiful too.
He swears there's an angel out there called Sandy in New Jersey. Sandy sent me an Andrew Bocelli Christmas CD and 2 books called the Christmas Jars and the Christmas Jars Reunion back in December. Those magically came on a hard day when we both needed it. The day my dad called us he says "by accident".
Now, this came on the first day back to work after hearing all those "Have you heard for your son? When's the last time you heard from your son? Is he in Afghanistan still? and How was your Christmas?" and on and on, over and over. That's when I have to smile and say "yes, he is still in Afghanistan and no, he doesn't call us or write us back in the combat zone and our Christmas was lovely, how was yours?" and just keep faking it through the day. That's what stomach ulcers are made of.

I digress.....anyways, this is absolutely beautiful and I'm telling you the real truth here.

I couldn't stop running my hands over it because it's so soft and pretty! It reminded me that I started a knitting class last January 09 and didn't get past the first class. And Sandy, I am going to post a pic so you can see that the color I picked was almost the same because besides pink, teal is my next favorite. So, stay-tuned and I'll show you how far I got in knitting class............

Sandy also put a very sweet note and these needles. I can't wait to try them. I've never tried this brand before. They will definitely be used, Sandy! I'm getting my needlebook out now and putting them in it.
You see, I have my Piecemaker needles on the right and some old needles on the left that really need to be tossed. Now I can toss those old needles on the left and put these beauties in there!

I'm serious that those on the left side are old and dull and I'm not even sure what brand they are.
Thanks again, Sandy for your thoughtfulness, and getting out in the snow to take this to the Postoffice! Now that is a caring, kind soul!

Speaking of caring souls, I had to show you this button. I've had it for several years, and have another one too but I put this on my heart hanging on my kitchen towel rack by one of our kissing Dutch couples. This button grounds me. Makes me remember important thoughts! LOL
Abbie is now Democratic.......oh, my gosh, she is pulling my robe tie to go see Obama on TV.
No, Abbie, no. He is not going to really give you a treat, sweetie.

So, I gave her one instead.

Speaking of cleaning up. I"m embarrassed at this but had to show you my work on Sunday. This is what I cleaned out of 3 closets on Sunday. Three of MY closets. Isn't that sad? I had some clothes that I wore in 1992. These had to go. I haven't got to my shoe closet yet. Yes, I keep shoes until the heels fall off and I have been known for a really favorite pair to just go get the heels replaced and use them another 10 years.

And lastly, you can see the idea I have with this piece. I plan to put a couple of white buttons beside the heart on the fabric. This frame is from Hobby Lobby. I got it for 1/2 price at 5.99 last year. I liked it because of it's shape and didn't realize that the glass is not removable until last night. But there is a small space between the glass and the backing so that the buttons will be fine there.

My hubbie who can be stubborn at times, said he will help me cut the backing for this piece tonight. Last night after Mel's diner experience he got sucked into the big chair and didn't move.

Till later,


  1. I just love that frame! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here......

    Your new finishes are quite wonderful. I'm impressed with the coffee dyeing that you have done. I'm just not that brave! (Plus there is no coffee in my house, LOL!)

  2. Thanks for the compliments, Jennifer.
    I'm on my 4th cup of Joe already this morning. So, we perk it every day. And my day off each week I love drinking it.
    Well, on my work days, I always have a cup right by me too.....LOL Thank goodness it's Decaf.


  3. What wonderful goodies you got in the mail! That scarf is lovely!

    I do love the frame you picked and can't wait to see it all put together!

  4. Great goodies! I love the PINK!

  5. Will come back someday to really read this entry but right now Jos and I are laughing far too much at your button about Dutchmen!!!!! That is just too funny. Oh...and Jos says I am not allowed to remember that one...lol. Just too funny. Thanks for a great laugh.

    Hugs ~
    Heidi and her Dutchman

  6. Jennifer -

    So glad you liked the surprises I sent - the first day back at work after a vacation always is stressful so I thought you might need something to make you smile.

    The cowl for your neck is made of Misti Alpaca Chunky and was a quick knit. You are helping me with one of my New Year's resolutions of knitting through my yarn stash and not buying new. Oh - that resolution not to buy new yarn lasted only three days by the way!

    Be well and stay warm -

    Sandy in NJ

  7. Sandy, you are a blessing, a true blessing and kind person.
    I've read many stitching blogs today and alot of people made that same resolution. I'm trying to sort of do that.....but didnt' make it either. LOL
    I'm telling you that is some soft yarn, feels like cashmere. I am definitely wearing it tomorrow to work to show everybody. You have motivated me to try knitting again.
    There is a shop about 13 miles from our house and they give lessons. That's where I took my first one. I got the hang of most of it, the basics, but when I got home, I made a mistake and couldn't figure out how to undo it.
    And also have a weakness in my left arm from a nerve injury so felt that knitting required more wrist action coordination that cross stitching. The friend that went with me keeps asking me to go back with her to another lesson.
    I may do that. Of course our first lesson we just made something small and I think if I could finish it, it would be a great dog scarf! :)
    I wanted to make my husband a green scarf as this is his favorite color. Anyways, I am motivated now to go to another lesson.
    Do you make that on a circular needle? I saw those but of course we didn't use those in our first class.


  8. Yes, i am merried to a dutchman to. But i'm dutch to so that makes it easier, ha, ha.
    Love your blog!

    Greetings from Debby

  9. Cool pics, I just love Bohin needles, I use the 28s all the time. They just glide through my fabric!! Thanks for sharing your gifts, and muting the tv :) Next time, just turn it off!

  10. Hola!!! tus trabajos son hermosos..

    MIl Rosas para ti


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