Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Soul Is Fed With Needle and Thread

Found this a couple of week's ago and thought I'd share.
It's been one of those weeks that flies by. Can't seem to catch up since I went back to work but I'm getting there.
Can't believe tomorrow is Friday already! I love weekends. Time to hibernate in the winter, a time to explore in the summer.
Listening to alot of people in either emotional or physical pain all week causes me to appreciate the needle and thread when I get home. When I saw this little ceramic sign, it caught my eye, because I know most all stitchers can relate to the saying. I certainly can, that's for sure.
At lunch today I did get a few minutes to put some stitches in Northanger Abbey. I'm determined to finish this by January 24th at which time I will start the Emma sampler by The Sampler Girl while I watch the program on PBS with other Janites.

I'm disapointed in my inability to learn to use a camera. I have tried all things to get the right colors demonstrated on this piece and have tried several settings on my camera and I give up.
The colors are so much more vivid in real life here and I so wish I could show you those vivid colors. For example, the girl's dress is CC Peacock which is a beautiful bright teal and in my pics it looks like a muted blue. So, I do apologize for these pics. I may have just as well put them in black and white.
I changed the tips of the flower bulbs to CC Shamrock and this looked better than the the Deep Sea Blue I had subbed out of my stash.
I should be able to finish this in the next week......should.
It's only 10pm and I"m sleepy. That's very rare but this week I've been in bed early as I'm just so tired. When it gets dark at 5:30pm and it's cold, the night's are longer.
I'm still using the old computer and it's quite a frustration as well; however, I appreciate being able to get online at all, and the fact we had a backup computer even if it's been very slow-going.
A lesson in patience for sure.
I really appreciate all the suggestions on the Altoid tin and I will be checking those out this weekend as I have more time. I love getting feedback from people all over the world with experience far greater than mine. I learn alot every day from blogland!
Tonight we put one of those Duraflame logs that burns for about 3-4 hours and they are much easier than keeping up with wood right now. The effect is the same, cozy and making me sleepy.
Ren is having some hard days in the last week. I've had to literally hold and rock him to calm him. He is very senile. Tonight he will not calm down at all. He paces and paces and is incontinent on his blankets instead of his paper pads and outside. He is extremely agitated.
When he gets this way, it seems nothing satisfies him. Fresh water, many fresh blankets, food, touch. He almost has this Alzheimer's dementia that sets in about 7-8pm at night and goes for hours sometimes. He wants to eat every 30 minutes at night and drinks a gallon of water. It's crazy some nights. It's hard watching him age so much and get so feeble. But we try to make him as comfortable as possible and some nights, like tonight, it has taken all 4 hours to try to accomplish that.
Abbie is well. She is growing a third spot now, all in alignment with each other like large buttons starting from the base of her tail! LOL
In response to Ren's agitations, she tears up her papers because we can't give her alot of attention. It's sometimes like taking care of 2 babies in the evenings but we still love them!
I wonder sometimes if Ren will make it until Brandon comes back from Afghanistan. I hope he does. I hope Brandon comes to see us when he comes back. He used to love to say the word TREAT to get Ren's attention and would play with him alot. I can't believe Brandon was barely 6 years old when I brought Ren home as a puppy. We still haven't heard from Brandon even though we write and send boxes. His fiancee, who I originally thought was quite a beautiful, nice girl and proud of, has demonstrated this year to be quite immature and refuses to communicate with us if he contacts. I just can't understand how people like this sleep at night with those decisions. But I guess if your level of maturity is not quite reached it's goals yet for adulthood, then, it's definitely not surprising at all.
My mind is rambling now and also I think BG needs relief of being the peacemaker/babysitter between Ren and Abbie right best get back to things. I might put a stitch or two in Northanger Abbey, then again, I might be too sleepy.....
Here's hoping your week is going well.


  1. Maybe Ren's in a lot of pain, :(, spoil him a lot, poor little angel, I'm so glad you take good care of him!, and now Abbie, animals and doggies specially, are very important part of our families!

  2. Beautiful stitching. The little ceramic sign is so lovely and so true.

  3. I'ts wonderful...!!
    embrace from Spain

  4. You Abbey is turning out beautiful!! Cannot wait for the finish...I just may have to look at that one for my to-do pile!~~

  5. wow--your progress on Northanger Abbey is terrific! I have not even progressed on a small piece I have been trying to finish! Yikes! I know you will finish it when you said...


  6. What a great little sign! I know I"ll pick one of those up if I ever should see one.

    Your coming along nicely on Abbey! It looks like it is a fun one to stitch.

    Poor Ren....he is sooo lucky to have someone like you and your BG to take care of him. Too funny about Abbie growing another spot -you'll have to get another pic of that to share!

    So sorry to hear that you haven't heard any news of Brandon. I don't know how you manage. But you are doing all that you can do by continuing to write, sending packages and keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

    Enjoy your weekend - may you have much time by the cozy fire with your stitching!

  7. Sweetie, Ren's behavior scares me. The excess drinking and incontinence sound like kidney issues. I pray I'm wrong and that he begins to feel peaceful again.

    I wish you'd hear from your son. That breaks my heart for you. I have tears in my eyes! I will pray that God will burden his heart for home and that he will reach out so healing can begin.

  8. Northanger Abbey is heading to the finish line - looks great!

    That little saying is darling.
    Tanya :)

  9. How sad about Ren. Our Whiner was much like this before he passed on. Love your stitching and your little sign.

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