Monday, December 7, 2009

A Cold Quiet Evening in Helen, Georgia

Tonight after work, we went to grab something to eat, went to the Dollar General store to look through all their stuff and then decided to go get the pictures of all the lights in town as we rode through the other night and they were all so pretty! We had fun playing with all the talking toys in the store that I think the clerk was glad when we left! ;)

I took 81 pictures according to my camera and about 8 were clear enough to post. So disappointed because I wanted to share with you the beautiful lights everywhere.
Body Guard and I went to several spots and our hands were about frozen by the time we got through. I think my face was froze by this last one here.

This is a random picture of Miss Abbie tonight. When we got home she had a bath and I'm drying here in front of the TV. She likes TV. Funny. How do you like that wavy, wet hair?
Ok, back to some lights. This is the gazebo at Pete's Park. They were really so much prettier than I could take pictures of here.

A glimpse at part of the town.

We were about the only people in town but we took the spot of the horse and buggy so the driver threatened us to move our car or pay a 300.00 fine. So, we quickly took this picture.
We were running around like kids. I wish this pic had turned out clearer because it is a good picture of my hubbie.

And here is where Santa will sit! Santa Baby! I started my wish list on ABC stitch therapy and 123 Stitch online and maybe I will go back this week and whisper this in Santa's ear.

The little Alpine village is so beautiful at night and I hope to get some really good pictures. Seems that after we got home, I had the camera on the wrong setting but one night this week, I'll go back and get some more to post! Promise!
After taking care of all the animals when we got home, we finally have sat down to take a breath.
We are catching up on world news now.
I know my morning started out quite bizarre as in my commute a woman, dressed as Santa with a hat was weaving all over the road. There were double lines but I finally tried to get around her and she waved a gun or a cellphone in the air at me/ I couldn't tell and had rage all in her face while I was flooring the car to pass around her. She was so mad I could see the veins in her neck while she was yelling at me. In my rear view mirror she was back to weaving and then the State patrol who probably clocked me, thought it was the person in front of me and he turned his lights on and pulled over the person in front of me. I was so hoping that he would see the maniac lady/Santa that I passed.
When that lady saw the cops, she turned her car around and went the other way, so I guess she was in her mind enough to know to run when she sees blue lights!
So, stay safe out there! Hopefully, there is an APB out for weaving Santa's who are not driving reindeers, according to BG! LOL
Till later,


  1. LOL...oh Jennifer you keep me smiling!

    What a totally amazing town you have, and the lights are awesome. It sounds like a perfect evening.


  2. So fun! Love the pictures. A house in the neighborhood was on The Learning Channel the other night with their lights display - they were doing a show on Christmas lights around the country. Amazing stuff!!


  3. Beautiful lights, I've always wanted to visit Helen, Ga.

  4. The pictures are lovely! What a fun town to live near.

  5. Would love to stroll around seeing those lights with some hot cocoa in hand. How fun.

    How often do you bathe Abbie?

  6. Thanks to all for the lights. So many of my pictures were blurry, I could have cried.....but.....we've got more time to get some more this week and next.

    We love the lights and just usually ride around one or two evenings around Christmas out in the country and see the festivitiy of lights.
    There is one huge ranch on my way home from work that is lit up. I'll try to remember to carry my camera if I work late to get a pic.

    Parsley, I wash her once a week or so. I just wipe off her face, don't get her ears wet because I'm afraid of ear infections.


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