Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stitching and cooking the gray day away

Today was a good day off, although the weather outside bids me differently. It's filled with gusty, cold winds. No snow but misty wet rain occasionally.
This morning I worked a little on Clara's Christmas Dance Sampler 1892 by The Sampler Girl. I've really got to get moving on this piece and hope to get done with cleaning so I can stitch more tonight. I love the colors. They are sort of muted Christmas tones.

I'm using Qsnap frame and stand with this. My scroll rods didn't work with this piece but this method works well too.
I put my Christmas angels out today. I keep them tucked away during the year. I"ve had these for 40 years. My grandmother gave them to me when I was very little and each year I like to look at them. They have survived the years with exception of one small tiny chip on one of the angel's wings.

I put them in the kitchen right beside Brandon's picture. I feel he needs them the most right now.

I love the flute player. Well, I actually love all of them.

The dreary outlook at the window makes me thankful that I didn't have to go out today. I think I could become agoraphobic during the winter.

I've got much to do anyways today. Like build a fire and cozy up with my Christmas cards to address. I spent most of the day with Andrea! You know Andrea Bocelli. Body guard will be jealous but I have to say he seranaded me through the day with his new CD and I loved his company! ;)
I'm ok, until Andrea sings Blue Christmas. Then I have to fast forward that one.
Because I can't be blue. Speaking of colors, how about green cupcakes? I just made these. I was craving some cupcakes and that Christmasy frosting in my pantry was begging for me to put them on some lovely cupcakes.
Well, 2 of them didn't pop out of the pan right, so you know what that means......yep, just had to eat 'um. But here are the pretty ones left. I know this is way too many for two people but believe me they will be gone in 2-3 days.

Besides, this makes the house even more cozy with the smell of cupcakes, cinnamon pinecones, a cozy fire, and Andrea seranading me........I'm drifting now with my thoughts as I stare at the fire and eat my cupcakes.


  1. Hi Jennifer!

    I don't know write on you're blog giveway post:-((I don't know some trouble:-(
    I like scissors and box, i like winner!:-) Follow you're blog.

    Hugs: Anette


  2. Oh the cupcakes look delicious!! And with the fire and Andrea.........yumm!

  3. Jennifer - it sounds like you had the most perfect day. Wished I lived closer - I love Bocelli and I love cupcakes!

  4. Looks cozy!
    I was surprised when he sings Blue Christmas too - not really his taste. I melt when he sings the Lord's Prayer - like an angel singing.


  5. Your stitching looks wonderful! LOVE the angels and I think that it is wonderful that you have kept them in such great shape for such a long time! What a treasure they are! The cupcakes look so yummy!

  6. Hello Jennifer, I love that Sampler girls design,I think I may have to give in to temptation. I am off to buy Andres Christmas tomorrow when I can get into town. You certainly know how to "do" christmas in the US. Take care and all good wishes to you over there.

  7. Beautiful progress on your sampler, and those cupcakes look delicious!!!


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