Sunday, December 6, 2009

Savoring Sundays Simply

Sundays are for slowing down. Slowing down from the hustle and bustle of life especially at this time of year.
It's quiet here in the house. I've been playing with a few things.

Working on Clara's Christmas Dance Sampler by The Sampler Girl. I'm using a piece of linen I found in my stash but was unlabeled so I believe it's 32 count cream linen, but not absolutely sure. The threads are a combination of Crescent colors and DMC in lovely blue and gray shades with hints of gold.

Believe or not, I ironed this linen piece and I can't seem to get the deep creases out. I'm imagining this when finished as a pillow keep in a rocking chair right by the tree this year.
Earlier, I tried to use my sewing machine to keep the edges from fraying. I punched the wrong button I guess and instead of serging it, it got hung in the machine and went so fast that the footer broke off. It was a mess. Body Guard had to actually take the metal plating off the machine with these intsy, wintsy screwdrivers to save my precious linen. I tend to stitch near the edges on my pieces so I was really in a tizzy for a minute. But he fixed it and I could breathe again.......I still have alot of basic sewing to learn. I'm still confused on how it all happened.

I wanted to make sure I stitched past the "drank" word to "punch" before I posted a progress pic. I may have a glass of wine at Christmas this year instead of punch, or spike the punch without telling the guests! Ok, it's time to quit thinking.......

But dazing into the Christmas tree at teatime this afternoon just calms my spirit.

While Santa is working on his workshop outside with 2 reindeer eager to help!

I'm looking at a couple of things I got yesterday at the quilt shop. Yesterday the quilt shop had a big Christmas sale, so as it's conveniently located next to my hairdresser........she was running late on appts. I had planned to avoid the shop because I just didn't need to go back in there. I this pretty green flannel fabric last week which looks so much like Weeks Dye fabric and I needed it for a project.
But, she only had to say this when I walked in, "Hey, I'm running a little late, you wanna go look around at the quilt shop. They are having cake and a sale today" Yes, mam, I caved right on over there and got this little snow hanger.

And by the time I was in 7th Heaven looking at the dazzling fabrics, my 15 minutes had expired and in front of about 20 women, my hairdresser, in full robing holding my hair color in a bowl with a brush, said, "hey, are ya ready? I could do one more hair cut that just walked in if you need a little more time?" Everyone laughed and I was embarrassed but I've known her for almost 10 years so I had to laugh too.
That led to getting this fabric here because I said......"yeah, a little more time, I'll be over."

They are so soft and flannelly (is that a word?) :0
The pretty green on the right just reminded me of the BG. He loves green! I don't think I can really do much with this for him but I will have it on hand in case an idea pops up.

And today, pulled out my OPI nail polish in the reddest red. I hope to get a pedicure and a manicure in this red someday this week. It's been a very long time that I splurged for that so a Christmas one is in order!

Now, here is the difference between night and day, guns and roses, apples and oranges, and all the other opposites you can think of. While we were at Wallie World last night, we both got a magazine. You can see which one is mine right? Yep, like I said, we are guns and roses.

Now I love, love the Country Sampler quarterly magazines. I can look through them and drool a hundred times. Almost too much, probably would classify for seizure meds if I looked through them too much.....but I love this one.

Old book article.........

my dream kitchen........with a small table in the middle not a huge kitchen island to navigate around! LOL

All the Christmas decorating in this book is so pretty. I have a weakness for red doors.

And I'm dreaming here of the back porch being converted to a lovely dining room one this! ;)

Do you know I got one of these Hoosier cabinets like in this picture for 75.00 last year? At the end of an auction where almost everyone had left but me. Of course mine is painted but I've always wanted to move it somewhere inside. Right now it's on my back porch with some primitive things on it. I love Hoosier cabinets.

And then at Walmart, I also grabbed this book. Because The Thornbirds is my favorite book and movie, with Gone With the Wind a close 2nd..........I knew anything by Colleen McCullough had to be good. Anyone read this yet?

The Thornbird writer combined with Jane Austen has to be good!

Speaking of good books........ya heard of Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman Blogger right?
If you haven't you must go to her cooking section of her blog but warning: you will comb the pantry afterward to cook!
Anyways, I just read that she will be in Atlanta for a cookbook signing tomorrow night at 7:30p. Oh, I wish I could have gone to that!
Abbie says "Mommie has too many distractions now!"
For the life of me, I have no idea why her eyes are so green in photos. It's naptime for Abbie while mommie enjoys her goodies and stitching........

So, now it's 5:30p and already dark. I'm going to try to find a good Christmas movie on Lifetime while I work on this sampler. I can't take anymore of the Tiger Woods and Obama stuff on the news channels. Not on Sunday. Sunday we will simplify and rest.
Hope your Sunday has been restful and full of peace!


  1. Sunday we will simplify and that's just calling to be stitched into something!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful relaxing day! And it makes me feel better to know I am not the only one who needs help with basic sewing. lol You aren't alone! :)

  3. What a great post! A nice way to end my evening and weekend! Great food for thought! I absolutely have to have a hanger like that. Didn't even consider a quilt shop having them... We have one right down from our LNS, and I get lots of my backing fabbys there... But I guess I don't really look around... NOW I will! I look forward to reading your blog every day Jennifer! Thanks!



  4. Love to see you getting ready for Christmas. I think if you came over to my home you'd think it quite boring. Your place looks so cozy.


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