Thursday, December 10, 2009

Progress on Clara's Christmas Dance

Not much dancing this year for me. I have been in pain with my back since Tuesday night. I bent one too many times to pick up Abbie and the last time I couldn't stand up straight without alot of pain. I was out of work yesterday because it was hard to walk and today went to work but afterward to a doctor and I have slipped a disk in my lower back. I slept most of yesterday and last night did get some stitching completed. My goal is to finish this by the weekend and make into a nice pillow right by the tree! This is Clara's Christmas Dance 1892 sampler by The Sampler Girl.

Instead of the fabric called for I used a cream colored fabric, I believe it's 32 count but not sure. When I got to the word "holly", it was really late and I didn't have the CC Bamboo color so I substituted it out for a very pale green that would compliment the other colors. It actually looks darker in this pic than it really is.

Here's a better view~~~~

I need to finish the last 2 lines and then I will be complete on this one. I had the perfect size piece of linen in my stash for this sampler and really like the way it's turning out. Crescent color Shamrock is the blue color I'm stitching now in the letters at the bottom. It's such a pretty, pretty blue, almost like a Williamsburg blue.

BG took Abbie to the vet for some routine shots today and she growled for the first time at the vet! Too funny. He said the vet tried to look at her teeth and she didn't like that at all!

She weighs exactly 2 lbs now. She is a three months old now.

He carried her in his vest back and forth and she really likes that.

I am having to try not to bend as much right now which is hard when she looks up at me with those sad brown eyes. Our Chicago trip is now from road trip to last minute flights. Body guard is now, as we speak, trying to check prices. It's not looking good. We are really pondering what to do at this point. We have both taken off the time from work and really don't want to sit and be depressed here; however, the prices are adding up very high. I mean, Delta airlines charges 200.00 round trip just to take Abbie on the plane with me! Air Tran is a little better, but not much.

Anti-inflammatories and rest for me this weekend, although I have a full day of work tomorrow.

Having a small Christmas party on the 20th here so hopefully I will be better in time to clean up and vacuum again! Oh joy! ;)

I had so many ornaments I wanted to stitch but Christmas is only 2 weeks away!

I'm usually done by the middle of December with whatever Christmas stitching I will do for the year.

I'm already contemplating some new projects although I have several UFO's I need to work on.

Ok, I'm rambling again...........

Off to take some more medicine and then stitch.


P. S. Muscle relaxers should list frogging as a side effect.


  1. Sorry your back is messed up. I'm taking Aleve for mine so I can relate a little. Don't know what I did. Maybe mine is a bad mattress.

    Hope you feel better soon. Kiss Ren and Abbie.

  2. Thanks, I will give them a kissie from Auntie Parsley!

  3. Oh! How terrible about your back! I have been there too and it's no fun.

    I sure hope you feel better soon and can enjoy your holiday!

  4. Your stitching looks gorgeous! I am so sorry to hear about your back and I will be praying for you!

  5. Ha! I loved the side effect comment. You are so right. I hope your back feels better soon. Abbie is just the cutest. Every time I see a pic of her I just want to squeeze her and cuddle her.

  6. Sorry about your back, I have been there.
    I hope your better and things work out for your trip.
    Have a safe and Merry Christmas.

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your back Jennifer. I don't think there can be much worse than that. Hope that you feel better quickly, and get your pillow stitched and put together.

    I've thought the same thing about ornaments, and think I'm going to try to do one a month through the next year. Want to join me in an ornament SAL?

    And I hope that everything works out for your trip!

  8. I like your color changes especially the green. I think it's fitting. I may have to adopt it myself, if you don't mind. ;-)

    I know back pain myself. I'm a chronic sufferer myself, but as of late I've not had any major issues (knock on wood). However, I've suffered from spine/back issues for 10 years now. I get pinched nerves as well and those are the pits especially from the middle of the middle - one can't breathe too well. Anyway...I know your pain (no pun intended). Just take it easy.

    Oh, and btw, I agree...MR and pain pills should have some sort of label on there prohibiting stitchers from crossing those x's while under the influence. LOL I bet those frogs were really s....l....o....w - LOL

    Clara is looking really pretty. I can't wait to tackle her myself.


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