Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve means new traditions

Slowly getting better physicially but feel like I lost 10 lbs this week but I know I didn't. Haven't ate meat in 1 week. Yesterday was Mashed potatoes and crackers. Then my Gastro doc called in another med to help and it seemed to be helping more. I'm trying to drink alot of fluids as they say but I'm not a water drinker. There are some people I work with that do a great job at that and fill up their water cups frequently. Me, I prefer decaf coffee, or tea (hot or cold). Normally, I like Pepsi but that bubbly drink stuff is not for me this week. I have been drinking Gaterade alot.
So, I'm craving soft scrambled eggs and pancakes.........from IHOP (International House of Pancakes). If they are open this evening, we may go out and start a new tradition of breakfast on Christmas Eve nights.
Santa has been very secretive at hinting what he is bringing tomorrow. He gave me a hint yesterday that I had to open the packages in a certain order....... hmmmmmm.
He is also planning a small overnight trip next week if all things are well, to Pigeon Forge for some after Christmas shopping. I have been watching the weather on TV and seeing that most of the country will have some frightful weather this weekend so we will have to go when things clear up. It's only about a 2 hour drive from our house. We went last year. If you like quilt stores there's one to die for up there and also many outlets and of course the big knife store he likes. We are just going to take one day at a time and see. Of course the trip there means, going through the little town of Sylva NC where the old general store has the largest Vera Bradley selection I've ever seen and She Beads.....oh, my She Beads! There is also the best old bookstore I"ve ever, ever seen and you could spend easy 2 hours in it, buy 12 books for about 4.00 in there.
My shopping was pretty simple this year but I haven't wrapped a thing yet. Do you like wrapping? I know there are some people who love it and can make those corners perfect and bows home- made and beautiful. Me? I fold whatever way I can, slap a piece of tape on it sideways and if it has a bow, it's the peel and stick kind! I thought when they started using gift bags, that was the best idea ever invented for this very reason. So, usually I have alot of gift baggies around my tree.
Our Christmas Jar is still sitting there and tonight we decide who gets our change. BG estimates it's about 50.00 of change. I still need to check all my purses I've been switching around to and gather more change to put in there. I have a real good idea of who needs it and this will also be another 1st tradition for us.
I did bake some simple sugar cookies last evening, mainly for my hubbie with colorful sprinkles on them. Just the simple mix kind. Then I went back to bed. But he did like them when he came home from a long day of work.
I looked through my stash yesterday as well but didn't feel like starting to work on anything. I have so many projects to choose from that I realized that I need to get a bunch of threads and some cuts of linen. I'm excited that Terri, formerly from the Dogwood Patch, will be opening her new store in Buford, Ga. I think January 4th. It's a good little ride from here, about 50 minutes but I will try to go to her grand opening and maybe get some threads while I'm there.
Last night I learned something totally new about Body Guard that I didn't know in the approximate 14 years of being together. The Christmas Carol movie was on TV last night and I walked in half-way through the movie but he was intent on listening to the British accented actors and actresses and actually quoted along every script of it. Come to find out, he said he knew this movie by heart because when he was in elementary school, he was the "director" of the play each year! He was responsible in the background for all the sounds and directing it. I can only imagine him at 10 years old doing this! ;)
So, I learn something new every day.
Hope you all are having a good Christmas Eve and thanks again for all the support and kindness you've shown. I can't tell you how much it means to me.
Stay safe in your last minute shopping today and nice.....Santa is watching!


  1. Merry Christmas, I hope that you feel better again soon,

    Hugs Su -UK

  2. I am so happy to hear that you are starting to feel better! Did you know that there is a LNS in Pigeon Forge? It's called Dixie Darlin. I had my hubby stop there in August on our vacation.

    I hope that you and your BG have a wonderful Christmas and that peace and love fill your hearts.

  3. Have a very merry Christmas, Jennifer!

  4. Merry Christmas from our house to yours!!! Faye

  5. Love you, sweet peach :) Thank you for the amazing card and easle set, I am awed by your generosity...what a treasured friend you are, and what a sad place my daily world would be without you in it :)

    I am so very blessed to have your friendship. I place the easel, with the card on my desk in the kitchen so I can be constantly reminded of all that is good in the world.


  6. You sound so much better and that puts a smile in my heart. IHOP usually is open on Christmas Eve, so you are probably in luck. For the first time in a million years, snow and ice is heading to Central Texas right now, so our Christmas Eve will probably be spent right here, together, which is just fine with me. Merry Christmas!

  7. We watched A Christmas Carol last night, too! I love your new traditions! We have a few new ones that are helping me out. I am so jealous about the quilt shop! You must take pictures (if they let you).

  8. Merry Christmas you a blessed New Year!!!

  9. Merry Christmas Jennifer! New traditions are okay--may take some getting used to, but okay... This year, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are having a SKYPE Christmas! So glad we can do that! And it's free!

    Hugs to you and BG!

    Maggee in VAB


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