Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reflecting on the day after

I slept good last night. Too good. I slept later than usual and guess who sneaked out at the crack of dawn to the After-Christmas sales at Walmart? Yup, Body guard. That man has an X chromosome somewhere and likes to take a sneak peak in those early hours after holidays. Me?
I'm just getting into good sleeping by 5am! ;)
And when 9:30am came around and I hobbled out of bed, he surprised me with a camera case from Walmart that I needed to go with my camera. He thinks of everything. I wish I could be a morning person like this but I am what I am.
We actually had a very good Christmas Day. Interesting day to say the least.
Very quiet and it ended with a fireplace and cozy warmth. Insomnia was not my friend as usual and I can't believe how much R and R recharges the body and mind.
We watched the Weather Channel over coffee this morning and decided to go to Pigeon Forge tomorrow for a couple of days! I'm so excited! I've got my Immodium ready! LOL
We boarded Ren at the Vet; however, they are very used to him after 8 years here and get excited when we bring him once or twice a year. We are taking Miss Abbie with us. Hopefully most places we go will accept pets and she will be bundled in her pink jacket and scarf. She is right now curled tightly in her blanket from Santa after scouring the kitchen floor for any possible Chex Mix crumbs.

I'm just lazing today and watching all the weather pictures of all the snow in many parts of the US. I just watched on TV a man leaping over the rail of his house and flipping in the air, landing in the snow drifts by his house. Doesn't snow just bring out the kid in all of us? ;)

My camera case this morning from BG's morning shopping. He said the store was not crowded at all. Now, I won't be afraid I will drop the camera. I have done that before and oddly, it was at Pigeon Forge last January......strange sounding as I write it......but I dropped it on a kitchen ceramic floor in the hotel and my Kodak never worked again. I cried but the damage was done.

So, here we are almost 2010. Doesn't that sound strange? Gosh, I remember when we all thought the end of the world would occur at 2000. People were storing bottled water and food for 3 months.
Well, back to some R and R, which includes stitching. I need to make my list of specialty threads so I will know what to get at Dixie Darlin. And packing.......remember I take the kitchen sink too! :0


  1. Have a great time in Pidgeon Forge! DD is a great stitching store - or it was the last time I was there back a few years ago. Enjoy your R&R and your new camera.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in Pidgeon Forge! Getting away is always so much fun!! Use your new camera a lot and post some great pictures. And you sound just like me - I always pack the kitchen sink when I go away - you just never know what you're going to need.

  3. Ooh; I do love your "bowl" and flowers! Glad to hear that you rested well. Have a great time on your trip!

  4. Have a great time on your trip! I'm jealous that you may be stopping at quilting shops - they are few and verrrry far between in Jersey.

    Take lots of pictures with that new camera for us to enjoy!

    Sandy in NJ


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