Monday, July 6, 2009

Ren in motion

Ren is almost 16 years old. Although he is not suffering, he has developed an anxiety disorder that has surpassed what we can deal with. He is in and out of his kennel, gate is always open and he paces the floor, runs into things, then back in the blanket with his teddy. He only does this about 3-4 hours a day, but it's getting unnerving. So, the vet today is ordering him some anxiety medication. They said Ren has think?

He is still loving, still recognizes me, and is not in constant pain. He enjoys his food better than any dog I've ever seen but he is picky about it. I know I didn't make him that way (I'm dodging that one!)
Nope, I did make him that way.
He has lightly buttered toast for breakfast, he loves popcorn and french fries and his favorite food is pototoes.
He has eaten a hotdog, in a bun, from end to end, in about........4 an auction before. You should have seen the people watching him. Then he passed out from the amount of food and just laid in my arms.
His hair has been loved off and he is blind but he still is my baby...... in motion at the present, until his medication from the vet comes in.

Ren has been through lots of rough times with me. He had a little attitude when he was a younger dog. He used to hike his leg on my X husband, that was hilarous. If he could talk, boy would he ever be able to tell you lots of drama. But, that's one thing about pets, they don't argue with you, they love you as you are, they still are there for you through thick and thin.

And that, my friends, are traits that are very hard to come by these days.............

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  1. Awww, poor Ren. I hope the anxiety meds help him. I had a health scare with my beloved best buddy and I know how upsetting it can be!


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