Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sending an angel

Tonight, I made a pillow to send to Brandon in Afghanistan. I finished this piece about 2 years ago and tucked away to either frame or make into something else. I'm embarrassed to say I don't even remember the designer or this piece, name, etc. and wish I could give credit where it is due, so if you know the designer, I will be glad to post. I remember that it was kitted together already with the buttons and threads. I stitched this on a Chicago trip. Anyway, sending this with a couple of other things. I don't believe he has Internet where he is so he will probably not be able to see this before he gets it in the mail. My camera doesn't really get the color well but it is a deep burgandy and linen color.

And, this morning and into the afternoon, my progress on the Pinkwork Pinkeeps by The Sampler Girl. I'm glad I picked up 2 skeins of this color DMC floss! But I am enjoying the monochromatic pieces.
Excited to make pinkeeps when I get finished. I stitched most of this while watching the news channel. Watched the Michael Jackson memorial and even though I have a lot of reservations about his charges with children, I enjoyed listening to other singers at the ceremony and thought Mariah Carey sang the best at the beginning and of course, I like Stevie Wonder as well.
Now, on to work on a couple of things for Meghan that are late in the mail as well.
Tonight~~~ an early supper of Chinese food and I may go peek in the frig for a snack on leftovers. We had ordered a variety of things to eat and had so much leftover!
My goal is to get things in the mail for them by Thursday morning as we have decided to go to Pigeon Forge for a day or two by the end of the week. They have a great quilt shop there and I will take the Pinkwork to match some ribbon and fabric. I think we like stopping at Sylva, N.C. at the used bookstore and the general store as much as gettting to Pigeon Forge! Sylva is a neat little town, we actually found by accident when we got lost going up there the first time. Now, we take this way through it so we can look at different places.
Talk later,

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