Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Pinkwork Pinkeep Progress and Other Goodies

Joannes Fabrics has fat quarters for 99 cents for the July 4th weekend. And this we found on Thursday in Atlanta. Here's my picks. I told you I was in a candy store! LOL
Working on some more in The Companion Booklet by The Sampler Girl number 3. These next 2 are actually the same page. The reason I have pulled this one again is to show you the Hornbook one at the bottom. I finally found a hornbook on Ebay (yes, Deb, I know why you call it the Bay of Evil) that I can finish this one with. So, this will be another one of my summer finishes. This one is called Joshua's Hornbook. Very cute. Now ladies and gentlemen hornbooks are the foundations of our text messaging now........just joking......

This is the Sampler Girl Companion Booklet 4 that I have and the Pinkwork Pinkeeps I'm working on. If you haven't checked out Tanya's website, you must because these booklets are wonderful to work with and are making my summer fun. She also has a great blog and webshop. Check it out!
Oh, yeah, and if you like scissors, she has Kelmscott Design scissors in almost every color. Very cute and travel friendly at less than 2 inches........

Well, starting on the second Pink Pinkeep from The Sampler Girl Companion Booklet 4.
The Lady one.........finished the gentlemen yesterday. I know, I know.........ladies should be first.........LOL But this was the order in the packet so, here ya go with the lady one......not much at all.......

this is the gentleman........I turned side ways for you to visualize better. I asked the Body Guard what this looked like to him about halfway through it and he said..."Oh yeah, that's a lady!"

So, as I finished it, he said, "oh I see now, a guy". Anyway, isn't this gentleman sweet holding flowers waiting for the lady........awwwww

I thought one would work with the pinkeep....but now I think it's too busy and I'll work on a different backing.....However, I have several fat quarters for my stash.........I digress.........LOL

Now, this fabric was in the "cut to the bottom"sale at Joannes Fabrics. Almost a giveaway, I suspect that this 4.5 yrds left will make a good curtain topper in my stitching area.

And then, I couldn't resist this fabric. I couldn't choose between colors, so I got 1 yard of each.

I can't believe it is 6pm. This has been one of those days of not really doing much at all. I hope I get out of this rut by tomorrow.
Stay safe,

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