Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Broke the First Vacation Rule ~~~today

Ok, it's midweek and it's been a great week off but I"m missing home cooked food. I did break the rule of no cooking on vacation today. Last night we were up until 1 am eating leftover Chinese food and laughing about "remember when" stuff. Some stuff we can laugh at now but at the time it was not so funny.........

Anyways, going out of town for a couple of days and decided------let me cook with whatever is left in the refrigerator! Actually, it's turning out quite well. There's one thing about living in the country I learned and that's how to substitute ingredients, how to mix up almost anything, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h.
Summer time is for pasta salads anyways, so I decided to throw together some cooked pasta, chicken breast, boiled eggs, and whatever left in the veggie section of my refrigerator which included bell pepper, celery, left over corn on the cob. Added some varieties of different sauces and it's chillin' for supper right now.
We also had some fresh brocolli and fresh green beans, so cooked those up for sides. We had 4 peaches in the frig so I halved the peach cobbler recipe and we will have a little peach cobbler for dessert.
Tomorrow........back to no cooking again :)


  1. It sounds like it might be worth breaking a few rules! ;)

  2. .........hmmm....wish I could apply it to laundry too! Yeppers, doing laundry tonight.

    When we moved to a house with 2 flights of stairs and the laundry in the basement......the procrastination and dread of laundry grew quite large! LOL LOL Almost as much as filling out forms and taxes and that's bad! :0
    But, I guess I"m getting exercise tonight running up and down the to move all that cholesterol around from the peach cobbler.....LOL


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