Monday, July 6, 2009

The Hummingbird

We are vacationing this home (or at least for today).......
tonight we went into Helen and got a total stranger to take our picture! Thought we'd greet you first........LOL We went to Paul's restaurant and had seafood. It was great! No cooking on vacation is a hard and fast rule! After a weekend full of waffles and ice cream, we strategically planned our seafood tonight.

Then we moseyed over to a spot we go about every 3 months. We look at this house to see the changes because........we loved this house and would have bought when we moved here in 2001 if the price was a little better and if it had not had too many structural problems at the time. But, oh does it ever have character. The house is actually very old but someone did fix it up back in 2002 and then left it. Strange.

We call it the Humingbird. Don't know why, but we look at each other from time to time and say "let's go see the Hummingbird". It's like our spot.

Unfortunately, it has been rented a few times but hardly ever occupied so the views, the breathtaking views on the back are not enjoyed by anyone. But, we get to enjoy it.
I took a few pics of the Hummingbird tonight.

This pic is through the window here at the family room. The fireplace at the time was different but those windows still look out into the sky.

A few structural problems though but I love the dormers.

This is the front of the house.........if we had bought it , the front door would be a different color and the roof would be metal. The front window would have flowers. A nice grapevine wreath on the front door.
It's begging for someone to take care of it.

The reason my hubbie loved it was for the endless large decks. He loves decks. Makes him feel like a kid in a tree house or something.
I didn't get pics of all as the sun was setting. This is the right side of the house......just on the second level.

Body guard is assessing the changes in the structural issues while I'm flipping out over the sunset view in the clouds and looking at all the lightening bugs waaaaaaaaaay down there.

oh, and look up here, a cozy little balcony off of the master bedroom....I often, very often thought of putting one on the upstairs of our house off of the bedrooms but haven't looked into that yet.

And then this is what I look at from the large back deck.........
breathe in ............hmmmmm.......and close my eyes and try to hold this thought........

It's just a little piece of heaven to me.

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  1. I can see how that place is like a little piece of heaven to you - those porches, the view! How wonderful. I think that we all have a house like that - too bad that the people who love them usually can't purchase them because of the price. A shame because we would love them.


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