Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Walking Again

We started our little walking program again......nothing formal......just our usual walk after supper. We walk about 2 miles.......and that's 2 mountain miles. I never understood the total difference until I moved to the mountains. The last few nights have been really nice at about 70 degrees and sunny. Trying to keep the circulation going. When I lived in south Georgia, I walked more in distance but I think here walking up and down the hills is probably a little more aerobic. I try to encourage regular exercise at work with patients as the benefits are probably more than any medication treatment in women's health.
I'm pretty sore from physical therapy again but I think overall its helping.

Went to Walmart at lunch today while I was in Dahlonega and they have stopped selling DMC floss. I just needed one particular color. However, while I was in there, I perused around and a quilt caught my eye.........again. It has the colonial blues and dark reds/ golds and I couldn't resist today to put on the sofa. While their quilts are not particularly high-end, this one is a Better Homes and Garden brand and it's really very pretty! I also picked up a Country Sampler magazine which I can look though over and over for ideas. I'm feeling a little of the nesting mode again.
Off to rest my bones now............LOL

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