Saturday, May 9, 2009

Progress on Herow by Bent Creek

Thursday afternoon, I went to get a haircut and guess what? A new quilt shop right beside the salon.....AND......they were having a one day "tour of quilt stores" event where folks from all over North Georgia were going to different quilt shops and they were having specials. So, after I got a trim, I went over and got 3 fat quarters to use with some stitching projects. Also, found out that the shop is having quilting classes beginning on Sat June 20th from 9-11a through 6 weeks. I have never quilted but this did peak my interest.
Worked on Herow by Bent Creek a bit and hope to finish it up tonight. While at the quilt shop I found this neat fabric with stars in the same blues and reds which would look great with it.
I have put it in the basket this afternoon to show you. Haven't decided how to utilize the fabric with it yet. Any ideas are welcome!
We went over to a place in Clarksville today to look for a frame but the warehouse has completely sold out! Very, dropped over to an antiquey, seconds store and found this basket, made by a local there in Clarksville. Very pretty!

the star fabric from the quilt store in Dahlonega.............

My progress so far............

in my basket from Clarksville.........

So, here we are after a full day of adventures. We also test drove some cars at a dealership. We have it until Monday. We are looking at a Malibu which is so much better on suspension and doors are much lighter than the Mustang. I really don't want to part with my Mustang, it's a beautiful color but for health reasons, looks like I'm going to have to.

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