Saturday, May 9, 2009

Going from THIS?

Raven is pretty "doggone" excited about this new much that she is in motion constantly and won't stop for a cute picture! But, she gets moments like this and the only thing that will slow her a hug.

So, this is the Malibu we are test driving. At an offer of 0% financing and a good trade, it's really going to work out for us maybe.
Pretty cool, huh?

and to think about going from this..........

to a decision we have to make pretty soon. Hey, it's got a good radio and it's a "stitchable"car. I could actually stitch (while a passenger of course) on long trips. The Mustang?
I could never stitch while riding in that car.......the needle would bob up and down.....just couldn't.
Bodyguard thinks that was strange to make a comment on the stitchability of the car..........but probably know what I mean!

ok, now, back to stitching............write soon........

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