Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cool May Morning ..........Off!

This is the best kind of morning right now...........real coffee, reading in bed and writing. My curtains are pushed back and the sun is shining bright, temp is cool. A very welcome contrast to my usual mornings of running at 7, getting home at 6. I do appreciate a job though and know its tough right now for some people who cannot find a job. I've come across folks that tell me this everyday and I feel so bad for them and usually try to make some suggestions.......don't know if anything helps, but anyway, I try.
I think I will slow down on my 3rd cup of fully caffeinated coffee......usually drink decaf at work. When I do drink real coffee, it doesn't take much before I'm shaky and that's why I don't drink it at work..........wouldn't be cool to do microscopic biopsies with the shakes! Like ....OOPS......sorry, let me do that again.........~~~shake, shake, shake~~ :)
We have a Chic-Filet Booth downstairs where I work and the Chic-Filet lady told me I could get as many refills of their decaf as I wanted so I usually zip down a couple of three times before noon to get refills. Their coffee tastes soooo good to me.
Ren likes it when I'm off too. He knows he is going to get a "biscuit" and that's not as in dog biscuit, but one from supper last night that we tucked away for him the next morning.
Last night he got a bath........doesn't take but a minute. He's not too grumpy and likes the warm water. Then he gets a little lotion rub on his back and he tucks in a blanket for awhile. He is so spoiled.......ok, I finally admitted it!
Raven and Ruby have been in rare form. They now sit at our back glass door and bark continuously through our supper. They want us to go walking at a certain time each day now. When Raven is not barking, she sits so close to the glass she fogs it, then licks the Windex off the window........the dog is not right! There is no hope for clean doors anymore.
Last night I accidentally found a skein of 221 DMC floss in a bag from my Washington trip and that I so needed and I jumped up and down and the Bodyguard thought I had won the lottery because I was telling him "221, 221, that's it" Ok, I know, you'd have to be here to understand the humor, but really saved me a trip for floss. I stitched for a couple of hours last night. And, I'm thinking about stitching this morning a bit before my PT session and adventures for hair trim this afternoon. Have no idea what will be for dinner tonight. Last night BG made great Chicken Parm......very tasty! I'm kinda in a Pizza kind of mood........oh, how I wish we had a Pizza Hut close! Love, love Pizza Hut.
Off to some later.......

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