Monday, May 4, 2009

Remember Herow by Bent Creek

This weekend was a blah kind of weekend, will not bore you with the blahness but the good part of the weekend started today when I worked all day on the Bent Creek Rowz Herow design with the richest of colors, Gentle Art's Maple Syrup, Uniform Blue, Liberty, Mountain Mist, Harvest Basket and 6 DMC cottons. One of the cottons # 221, I ran out of and will have to try and get it this week. However a drive just for floss is about 60 miles round trip so we'll see when that will be. I'm undecided whether to frame this one in a dark red or soldier blue color.
A little history behind it is that I bought this in the cross stitch store in Alexandria while on our trip to Washington last month. After watching the changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetary, I just couldn't resist stitching this one and putting a date on it. I may put a name and / or a war on it too, theres plenty of room for artistic detailing! My favorite is the little Desert Camo man.
Well onward to bed now for good rest.........hoping I want have hot flashes that wake me at 4am~~~~~~~
and then onward to save more lives tomorrow.............. ;) ...........actually after this weekend, work looks kinda fun!


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Hope your migraine is gone by now. How unpleasant those buggers can be! I love that Bent Creek pattern - hadn't seen it before. Very nice!


  2. The changing of the guard at Arlington can inspire anyone and your piece has the most beautiful colors in it! Very nice!


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