Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Washing Up and Holding my Breath!

Yes, the news is becoming a little alarming with all the Swine Flu reports and the spread of the virus. Seems to be alot of "unknowns" out there. Working in the medical field already has magnified stressors but this, indeed, is adding to it.
Handwashing is important but the virus is really spread through respiratory means so~~~I will be "washin' up and holdin' my breath" at work! I bet the company that makes Tamiflu is getting their own little economic stimulus right now....................
Good news today is that the John James needles and threader came in the mail. Got a GREAT deal on Ebay from someone cleaning out their stash. Five bucks got me 2 packages of John James needles----one pack of gold needles and another pack of 6 needles and a threader (which I may need at times)........and a dollar shipping. Thought that was a good deal.
At lunch today, I had some time to work on another WIP, Bent Creek, Heroez. It's a great design I got while I was on the Washington trip last month. It's a nice little kit with all the threads packaged with the pattern.
I had physical therapy again after work today and very sore. Just going to rest on the couch this evening and try to keep up with current news, read and do some stitching........................


  1. I can't imagine working in the health field at this time. Several people have pulled their kids out of school for the time being, and there are no reported cases in Colorado yet. It's a scary thing.

  2. It is a scary thing, Jen. Do take care, being in the health care field, you will probably be at more risk. I think there is only one case in Indiana to date, but tomorrow that figure will probably change.

    Have a great evening!:)

  3. I think we are going to see this virus return actually more severe this Fall and Winter. Flu/viruses typically dies down during the summer months. Hopefully, it will not develop into a ---resistent to Tamiflu, strain. Ironically, no one is really talking about it at work but then its all on the news right now. I think if schools have to be closed, maybe the private practices will start talking about it because that will definitely influence productivity.


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