Friday, May 29, 2009

The Welcome Sun!

Today the sun is out and I"m so, so glad. We have had so many dreary, rainy days......I would say that we have had almost 2 weeks of rain. The lakes are almost full again....which is good. Now, the sun is out today though and I'm now taking a lunch break at work, looking out the windows and thinking about how welcome the sunshine truly is.

We are supposed to have 5-6 days of this dry, sunny weather! Maybe we can get some outdoorsy stuff done this weekend.

Last weekend I spent 3-4 hours on organizing threads as they had really gotten into a mess. Sooooo much easier now to find what I need now. This weekend I plan to organize my charts and fabrics. I also have to work on finishing closet cleaning and donating. I may also put some things on ebay as well. I'm a pac rat so departing with anything is so hard, even a pair of worn out shoes.....LOL . But, I'm ready for the weekend ahead.

My hubbie and I are planning to work more on these "nesting" tasks. We agreed last night that it was time to think about the future more and stop investing endless amounts of time worrying about issues which have basically required our constant attention but have no resolution. Life is too short, that's for sure. So, some changes are on the horizon and I think it's for the better.
Back to work now,

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