Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Four corners = Three Frogs

Here is the progress this weekend. You probably already spotted a problem here.....besides the wrinkles ;) For starters my camera is having a moment where taking a good picture is a challenge.
Well, I made good humor of it the first time I counted wrong but doggone this time again is really dissappointing. Here's what I did.......I counted with the 4 four corners of the pages put together the best I could and oh, how confusing for my ADHD mind was that? LOL
The ship's base has been frogged 2 times, fixing to be 3. The real problem is that I didn't go one more of the blue squigglies lines before I started counting the tips of four pages to intersect magically and make a ship! So, I'm giving up for the night but know that all of frogging is to be had tomorrow.
This afternoon earlier, I got all my fibers, and I mean all, and started organizing them in flossie bags with labels. I am organizing each company with one ring. This is so much better than having it strung all over the place and buying duplicates because its such a mess.
The DMC floss is in a nice little chest. The specialty threads were the issue. So, at least I accomplished one thing right today~````````````~~~~~~~Next stage is gathering all my charts and putting in one spot. Oh what fun lies ahead. I had an old system for floss storage that uses stitchbinders and I am going to sell those on ebay. I just love the plain ol' baggie system.
I have folded my fat quarters and lined them in the sewing nook former linen closet...............They look very appealing like that.
Off to bed, off to bed, count ,count, count, till there are no threads.

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  1. Organizing the stash is always an great experience. I've been doing the same thing and now I can actually find things! And sorry about the frogging! That's the pits, but your piece is looking great!


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