Monday, May 25, 2009

In Honor of Memorial Day

Yep, up late again. Officially Memorial Day. Got some stitching done today but not much else. I'm in a slump I think. It has rained here so hard today and for so long that I really cannot remember in the last couple of years when the rain has been so much. There was a time when we had a drought but the lakes are all up now and I do believe that sunshine would certainly be a welcome scene tomorrow. Haven't heard yet if we are having more flooding rains but oh, my it's time for Sunshine!
Cooked some pork chops, rice, and black-eyed peas with a sour cream pound cake for dessert for supper. Quite yummy.
To add to the dreariness this weekend, I got a call last night that my cousin, age 40, died from a long-term illness of a brain tumor and his funeral will be Tuesday. The funeral will be 5 hours away from here and I really don't know yet if I can make the trip with all the neck issues I'm having.
So between the heavy rain, dark clouds, Brandon leaving for Afghanistan, and then the news of my cousin dying, I can't say the weekend is a happy one.
I hope that everyone else is having a fun stitchy weekend! Stay safe and enjoy the time off.
Nite nite,

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