Saturday, April 18, 2009

Making my Wishlist

Kindle 2 is high on my wishlist here. I really didn't know what Kindle 2 was until I looked to find a book through Amazon this morning and just clicked on Kindle. OH MY! I shouldn't have because now, I want one really bad! This will hold thousands of books, all in a paper thin, readable format just like the originals. No heavy books. Love it! Maybe Santa will see this and start ahead for Christmas and if I'm a good girl, I just may~~~~ may see this on Christmas.....hint...hint.......Santa? ;)
Well, I've been awake since early morning, made my coffee and finished a movie on one of the free TV sites online.
The name of the movie is Carolina Moon and it's a Lifetime movie.....need I say more........yes, lots of Kleenex tissues when you watch this. The movie is based on a book by Nora Roberts. Check it out!
The Bodyguard said yesterday that Thomas, our cat, actually had 2 birds cornered on our partially screened back porch and he was chasing them from side to side of the porch. He was in heaven with a 2 bird chasing. He opened the door and let them out and you could see the disappointment on Thomas's face when his cat and mouse game was over. I'm glad he didn't catch the birds and have them for dinner. He has been known to bring us a little leftover mouse, plopped on the doormat, while he is beaming with pride. After a couple of those instances, he figured out that the scene would go like this:
Thomas plays with a mouse and then kills it.
He proudly takes leftovers and places it on the front porch rug.
I open the door to take Ren out and scream.
So, he figured it out that putting a mouse on the doormat makes me scream. He doesn't do that anymore. So, living in the country has its benefits. You don't have to buy cat toys or cat trees, they have tons of trees to climb, plenty of squirrels and mice for dinner, and front porch swings to snooze on.

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