Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunny Day~~~

Today is a sunny day and that makes all the difference in the world driving to work. We needed the rain here in North Georgia but the sunshine is welcome today.
The nerve in my left arm is still a bit irritated and some numbness in the little finger. Made appt to the doctor on Monday. Rest and heat seems to help it alot. I'm hoping this is just a flare.

The last bit of taxes are finally done for 2008 and sent today. Is that the last minute or what????LOL The feeling after taxes are done, I guess, are comparable to finishing that dreaded exam or the last day of school. Every year I say I'm going to be more organized, but that doesn't happen.

Speaking of organization.........I read on one of the stitching blogs (can't remember where) that there are professional people who are "Stash Organizers". That was the first I had ever heard of before. I tend to think that creative people are the least organized, and that's part of being spontaneous, I think. I will never be fortunate enough to have a professional organizer but wondering if any of the bloggers here have had that experience??
Tomorrow, I'm off and I can think of a million things to do. I'm hoping for sunny weather again.
I carry a journal with me everyday that has my "to do "list in it. Maybe I can get some things done, but most importantly rest my arm a bit so I can get back to stitching every's just necessary for the mind!
Well, back to work, Part 2.........................


  1. Rest that arm, Jennifer. Don't you just hate when things like that happen and you can't stitch or it's painful to do so! I personally like the idea of a Stash Organizer. I've been working on mine all day and I feel like I've got ADD or something. I start with the charts, then I go off on the floss or start looking through a magazine. I need someone with more focus then me!
    Hope you enjoyed your day!

  2. hey Deb, I'm trying to type with a hand splint on here.......but it has seemed to help stabilize that ulnar nerve in my wrist. Now my right hand is worn out from typing and using it all the time.
    Stash organizer, can you imagine.
    I'm pretty sure I've got ADD too. Our house is a mess. Yeah, I just put a basket on my bed now and its stuffed with various threads and patterns/linen already.
    I'm off today!!!!Whee!!!!


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