Sunday, April 19, 2009

Progress on the Sarah Bottomly sampler--raising the roof

This is a picture of a finished Sarah Bottomley sampler, a dream for me one day! :0

This is pictures of my progress so far on it, in my standing frame which takes a load off my arm and is a God-send.

Well, today has been full of rest and intermittent diversians to stitch (especially if on Flexeril) to help with the arm pain. But all in all yesterday and today, not much completed as I would have hoped. The house is solid stitching so progress feels slow. I can't wait to get to the front door. As you can see in the pic#1 the blue is so pretty and so vintage. With my goal being to complete this house this week I must not tarry long on other distractions.........

The Bodyguard helped me all weekend do some things around the house because he knew my arm is splinted. He's so sweet ;)

Then, we popped some popcorn and relaxed this evening to a movie from the Library called Sense and Sensibility, one of the first Jane Austen delights. I will take it back on Tuesday and see what else do they have or can order for me. I just love the way they talked to each other back in those days, with alot of respect . People actually thought before speaking .

Back to the Sarah Bottomly sampler from the Scarlett Letter~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am currently wanting to finish the roof which is dense repetual stitching and I may put a few more in it before I retire to bed, but probably not many because the medication that the docs have me on are making me very sleepy and tired. I hope I make it though work. At lunch I will be having an EMG where they use needles to test different muscle groups. I hope I don't scream too many times. YIKES.

Here's hoping your Monday is the BEST!!


  1. Jennifer, I had a EMG last year. It's not so bad. I was having trouble with my arm too. I had ulnar neuropathy. I ended up having surgery and am as good as new. I was out of commission as far as stitching goes for a month or so. I think that once I could stitch again that it really helped me loosen my elbow up ( I was in a cast that kept my arm bent) I wanted to stitch so I worked through a lot of the stiffness that way. Good luck tomorrow :)

    Lisa P

  2. Ouch! Good luck with your EMG. Miss Sarah is looking fine!

  3. Thanks so much Doris. Just got back from the doctors appt. He didn't do an EMG today but will do it Thursday. I have ulnar neuropathy and had the surgery in 2007 to transpose it. Now, recurring problems. Back to physical therapy for couple of weeks to get back on exercise program. I just don't have as much strength now in my left arm and hand.
    Back to work now.....Thanks so much for comments!


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