Thursday, April 16, 2009


On Tuesday, after work, I dropped by Velvet's Vintage just to walk around and lift my spirits. It's a unique little place near Helen, Georgia with lots of yesteryear stuff. This saved me a trip to the drugstore for cards and I really these cards. I picked up 4 of them, one in particular to Miss Meghan. She has been a little under the weather with bronchitis.
Meghan was a preemie born at only 28 weeks. She was on a breathing machine for 2 months and in NICU. They diagnosed her with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. She did well though when returning home and never had to go back into the hospital. At 3 months old, she weighed a whopping 4 lbs! She had a breathing monitor on for the first year and at home breathing treatments for about 2-3 years. Her lungs are pretty sensitive anyways but she is truly a miracle! Now, she's almost 21 (can't believe it!) and smart as can be.
Her card is sealed in the envelope but I thought I would share the other cards. I love to find neat stuff like this!
Here's to Meghan~~~~ Get well soon!
As I strolled around the store, I found the old books very intriguing. They had 2 original Gone With the Wind books. I resisted the urge to buy one. Then there was another book dated 1946 about love and marriage, and raising children. I laughed and laughed at some of the stuff they had in this book. Boy, how society has changed since 1946!
Today I'm off and listening to some flute music on CD while I read. I have almost finished the book Broken Open that I got a couple of weeks ago at the airport. It was a really good book, a little philosophical with alot of "ah hah" moments in it.
Well, off to some music therapy and reading~~~~


  1. Oh I love GONE WITH THE WIND!!! My grandfather collected books for over 40 years and he had a huge paperback version of GWTW that I wish I could place - just have no idea where it could be.

    Those cards are great - I always pick up cards when they strike my fancy.

    Happy weekend,

  2. Hey Tanya! I'm a real Gone With The Wind fan! I could watch that movie over and over. One of the books I'm trying to finish is from the library, came out in 2007, I believe, and is about Rhett's childhood and life. I'm up to the part at the barbeque where he met Scarlett. I have the sequel Scarlett somewhere but never got the book, GWTW. I do have the movie on video and love to pop popcorn and watch it from time to time.


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