Friday, January 9, 2009

TGIF, and a friday off at that

This morning has been less than productive. I had so many things to do and catch up on but I slept 11 hours straight and I'm sipping on a cup of coffee to get me going..........and its noon.

Is this what retirement will be like????? LOL

I popped on the TV to get the latest headlines in world news for a few and they announced that the inaugral parties will cost $50 million dollars. Ok, then they go on to talk about the next organization that is requesting a bailout from the financial mess we are in this year. Something is just not right about that. Think about all the security measures we could put in place in this country with 50 million dollars. This shows me that the elite of America (which does not include me) can really find money when it needs to, such a paradox to what the other stories of the media are telling us. Gosh, and I was feeling a little bit guilty for my Walmart expenditures yesterday.....Geez!

Oh well, none of this influences the fact I have tons, I mean tons of laundry to do, and a house to clean today. Yeah, and stitching. I found a great frame for only 3 bucks at Walmart yesterday and I think it will work for the sampler "Home is where you hang your needlework". Now I just have to learn how to do that stretching and matting. Boy, I could save alot of money if I could just learn how to frame my own stuff. That is one of my goals this year.

I'm getting nervous about my knitting class tomorrow. While I was at Walmart yesterday I looked through alot of magazines and books and the knitting projects looked amazing, new sweaters, scarves, beautiful throws........but gosh it looks hard!

I was hoping the electrician could come put in my outlet in my "sewing nook" ie. closet, so I could try my machine out again but I don't think he will make it this week.
One thing I absolutely MUST do is call my friend Dot and catch up. She was sick during the holidays that she stayed in about 10 days and didn't get to enjoy them at all. She is my bestest of friend and mentor. If I ever need some advice or words of wisdom, I just ask Dot. She is in her 70's and is pretty seasoned about things. When she is not sick, she has the carisma of a 30 year old and will tell you pretty quick that she doesnt feel her age at all. She is always positive about stuff and just fun to be around.
Hope everyone has a great day.......

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