Sunday, January 11, 2009

knit, purl....knit, purl

Well, yesterday I went to the Beginners Knitting class in Clarksville at Twisted Skeins. I went with a friend so it was fun! Kinda intimidating at first as the needles are big. She used wooden needles instead because they are lighter and just easier to work with than the long heavy metal ones. The hardwood is solid and smooth so the threads did slide easily, almost too easily because oops, if it slides off too soon it messes the whole line up.

I learned how to "cast on". I didn't have any reason for casting on 15 stitches but that just came to mind and after I started and looked at how small it is, I guess this will be a winter scarf for Ren. LOL

Evidently its a BIG no-no to put your needles into the yarn ball at the end and I kinda got scolded for "stabbing my yarn", other than that we laughed all the way out of the store at that one. Like is there a yarn police around or something? LOL

The class was 2 hours. I'm afraid to pick it up at home because I may not be able to get it fixed if I mess up so we are going back on Thursday night. We learned how to knit stitch and purl stitch.
I picked up my sampler last night and this morning, this is my progress.


  1. Love your WIP, that's very pretty! Love the colors :)

    Naughty you for stabbing your yarn...LOL!
    Never could get the hang of knitting....

  2. yes, I am still working on the "home is where" sampler today and hope to finish it by tonight.
    I have another sampler that is part of 2 for antique reproductions to finish so that I can frame the pair. But you know how it is, starting several projects at one time. :)


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