Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend Entertainment

Well, today looks a bit better; however, the days of misty rain is getting quite depressing. Ready to see the sun again.

Yesterday I spent hours and hours looking at online TV websites. I guess I'm a little behind in technology but I had heard about that but I really found it yesterday and with the rain falling~~~~sometimes heavy, sometimes light~~~ plus a nice fire and my laptop, I watched hour after hour of old episodes of Bewitched, Gilligans Island, Love Boat (I know LOL), and my favorite soap I haven't seen in a long time, The Young and the Restless. I watched the entire last week of episodes, with some older ones too. I can't believe Victor and Mrs. Chancellor are still on there and even look the same. Then after hours of that I cruised over to my Jane Austen novels which are totally all online in books to read by pdf. and I read until about 2am.
A most productive day, don't ya think?
Thomas found his way into the back porch and curled in a chair for hours yesterday afternoon and slept so hard. Ren had his usual sleeping, eating, outside, sleeping, evening anxiety, holding, etc. He is now whining for his breakfast. I gave him some home made macaroni and cheese yesterday and he loved it.
I should have gone to church today but I guess I got too lazy, stayed up too late watching all those old TV shows, and well, just plain lazy this weekend.
January is just one of those months. Christmas is over and its a new beginning.
I read in yesterdays news that the oldest women in history died Friday. She was 115! Gosh, can you imagine 70 years in menopause? I wonder what her secrets were?

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