Sunday, January 4, 2009

Did I smell eggs and toast this morning?

Ruby is on the left, Raven on the right. Rarely does Raven put her ears up. Raven loves me and Ruby loves Phil. They are sweet sisters and about 3.5 years old now. Raven has been through quite a few things since we have had her including a snakebite and a car accident in which both she brushed death. But she is now good as ever and you wouldn't even know it unless we told you. Raven thinks she is still a 10 lb puppy and will try to jump in your lap to be held. I think she weighs about 80 lbs so that is a shock! But sometimes we get on the chaise on the porch and let her jump up to be held like a baby.
Now these girls are adventurous. They bring anything and everything home as prizes for us including used baby diapers, deer carcus, toys, dog toys, any baseballs or golfballs. Ruby even got jealous of the neighbor dog's new Orvus bed cushion and brought it home!
We have a lake down below the house and they love, absolutely love, to chase geese. Since the geese are not there right now, they spend their days lounging around and sleeping.

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