Monday, July 3, 2017

Pink and So Very Precious Baby Blanket finished

Hey friends!

This past week still recuperating from shoulder surgery and PT but had to cancel out due to another corneal ulcer on my eye. Last time this happened and I got an amniotic tissue transplant was December 2015.

Seems the eye doc said this one is deep and my left eye with glaucoma already and a scar will always have the potential to just exfoliate, or have ulcerative keratitis.  So drops in my eye with a bandage now for 4 days. Then Wed will get another amniotic tissue placed on the eye which provides alot of immunity building proteins and will be absorbed by my eye. Amniotic tissue is nearly the same as corneal tissue. I'm so thankful there are donors and I hope and trust the tissue has been screened well for no transfer of any pathogens.

However, in the wait, I was determined to finish the baby blanket I started many months ago.
I also added two bows. Interestingly enough, I found my gauge when I started it before my shoulder surgery was tighter than it is now. I have not washed or blocked it.

It turned out to be 23 x 28 inches.

  just putting it over the top of  my baby grand piano.

The very first cast on was started Oct 30th in an ICU waiting room.

Knitting provided much needed stress relief.

For the bows, I used a tutorial HERE at this blog with a variate of a slightly larger size.

 Pink and So Very Precious Baby Blanket

designed by Feathers in the Nest (blanket only not the bows)

2017 copyright

Yarn:  Bernat Baby Softee in Pink

This is a very simple beginner knit pattern that I may put in Ravelry. Will let you know if and when I do. has this yarn on sale NOW for the 4th. It's washable acrylic.
Check out the sale and get your color choices HERE

On the homefront today

We've had a ton of afternoon and nightly rains around here. Miss Abbie has found herself a hidey hole as we call it when storms are brewing by sliding under the sofa. I can't believe she fits under it but she does.

I couldn't get pics last night but I hope to when I can get our new guests all in a frame. Our cat Louise we had for a couple of years went missing in November. This left our male cat Jim Bob who is forever getting in fights. Well, right close to Christmas we had a stray, tiny and petite who looked identical as one of Jim Bob's descendants cruise over to see us and she stayed. We named her Noel.

Noel didn't get pregnant or we definitely would have been able to tell as she is a small cat herself; however, yesterday one by one, 3 kittens about 2 months old max came to eat with Noel. Seems they are all from a liter of somewhere but Noel watches over them like her own. They are definitely in that wild stage running and hiding up and down the side porch while Noel sits in a rocking chair and watches them pounce in the garden and through bushes.They are all variations of a cashmere gray coloring. The darker kitten Mr. Darcy named Stormy. The other two still having pending names. All three have perfectly white paws like they are dipped in paint.

The variations of gray and white with blue eyes are giving me ideas of a knitting project. :)

I can't believe July 4th is tomorrow! Here's hoping that you don't get rained out of the fireworks and have a good evening with the ones you love. Here in the North Georgia mountains, it's a steamy humid day. We have definitely had our share of evening rains.

Around the house on Mondays at the homestead is wash day. I got a little start yesterday but still have the sheets to do. I consider folding part of my at home shoulder exercises. :0

The Indian Mound in Sautee, GA near our home.

Till later,


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