Sunday, June 25, 2017

Time to Work on Some Americana

Good Sunday morning to you!

I pulled out this very old WIP on my frame with threads and put in my Americana basket by the sofa.
Last night I worked on finishing the pink baby blanket and only have 12 rows to go...... YEY!

I was itching to start some stitching on something Americana with Fourth of July near.

I mean, who doesn't like everything Little House Needleworks?

This is stitched on 28 ct so easier on the eyes.

My camera color still is not the best even with working on it but.........

It's ready to go while I catch up on some Poldark Season 3episodes 1 and 2!!!!!!!
I found those full episodes on You Tube last night.
Anybody else like Poldark?

My basket has a handle but it's put down in the back. I picked it up at a junkin' store last Fall.

I have to wonder as I pull out my long time WIPS why in the world did I stop them?

I kinda know but they are loved again. For some time and until my heart skips a beat to work on another.

That's one good thing about stitching and knitting. We can choose. We can plan strategically or go at it whimsically, with no reserve. 

This one will be mounted in a frame on the wall added to my sampler wall near the stairs with other Americana.

I hope your Sunday is going well. The day of rest.

Just ask Abbie.  If the sun is not shining on your blanket, just move the blanket to the sunniest spot in the room and soak in the sunshine. Sometimes we have to pick up and move to the light ourselves.

Till later,


  1. Dearest Jennifer,
    Love your sweet Abbie, what an adorable expression she has!
    Yes, we humans can learn a lot from our fur babies. They know how to look for the tiniest spot of sunshine, to bask in and that teaches us to look for that little spark of light and happiness.
    Glad you found your stitching again.
    One day I will finish my cross stitch work... So many other things to do. Year after year goes by but it looks like slowly I'm getting there; getting rid of so many things. Digitalizing everything and now still I need to do the VHS tapes but not before winter. Love to go biking together; weather permitting. Not today as we got heavy rains in the afternoon and for the coming days as well.
    Wishing you a Happy 4th of July!

  2. Jennifer: I have to say Abbie is so cute what a sweet little face.
    Love the Americana design, I look forward to seeing the progress you make.

    Happy Fourth


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